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I do. As a matter of fact, I experience it quite often, some recurring and others in a seemingly interrelated kind of way. I have a suspicion that I may have a stranger than normal bout with this kind…
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Download file to see previous pages One of the most significant, and certainly unforgettable, experiences I had with deja vu was when I traveled to France with my family. While we were touring Paris, my parents were particularly astonished when they noticed that I was actually telling our guide where the geographical highlights were in Montmartre before he could tell me about it. I remember well that I even had a little argument with him about a certain artist’s studio near the Sacre-Coeur. It was strange because I felt that I know about the place like the back of my hand. What was more weird was when I suddenly felt the quickening of my heart when the guide talked about the Commune’s first insurrection and how numerous people were entombed in the subterranean galleries. It felt like I have been there during the period and, for a moment, I could smell gun powder, perhaps from explosives that the guide said was detonated by the Army of Versailles.
So far, the Montmartre incident has been the most vivid déjà vu, I have had. Others were more subtle. For instance, I have felt a deep sense of familiarity and comfort with some people I hardly know all my life – some of them complete strangers I have met only in passing. One of the most interesting in this area for me is a negative feeling I have on people without any reason at all. For example, I met the father of a classmate in a class last year and when we were introduced I felt a deep sense of aversion as if he has been a bane in my past life or something to that effect. People, as with places, are very potent trigger of “memory” for me. In a case of déjà vu, I could tell you what the person would do next or what mannerism he would demonstrate.
There are also cases when a sudden flood of familiarity would wash over me that I suspect I am in a way duplicating a moment I have lived before in this lifetime. Sometimes I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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