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Tardiness to Class Interpretations and Recommendations - Essay Example

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54% of students are late to class two to five times in the past month, while 9% are late six or more times every month. Only 2%…
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Tardiness to Class Interpretations and Recommendations
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Download file to see previous pages Sports, theater, and history all show low levels of tardiness, while gym, math, and science show the highest rates of tardiness. A third trend is between GPA and tardiness—the two are inversely proportionate. Students between the GPA 3.5-4.0 have the lowest rates of tardiness, while the tardiness rate rises as the GPA gets lower.
Based on the data, many students clearly have difficulty attending class on time. The problem of tardiness should not be undermined. William Chandler Bagley explains in the classic education book, Classroom Management: its Principles and Technique, “the habit of tardiness is worse than occasional absence because it is apt to be carried over into later life and to cause the individual no end of trouble in its eradication” (77). As such, the problem of tardiness demands remedies. While students may currently arrive late to class with few repercussions, such consequences will be more severe as the students enter into adulthood and the workforce.
The trend between tardiness and grade levels can be explained as a result of “senioritis.” Though this term has been used somewhat lightly, schools are beginning to show little tolerance for seniors who show a noticeable disinterest in their studies. USA Today writes in one article, “this year there may be serious consequences—including having college acceptance withdrawn—for those who don’t finish with a strong academic record” (Mamlet and VanDeVelde 1). The article further recommends parent intervention if they notice signs of increased absence or tardiness. Seniors who believe their academic efforts are pointless in the last semester are more likely to be late to class than juniors, whose academic performance is being judged by universities.
The link between tardiness and type of class is likely due to a student’s interest in the course. If a pupil is genuinely interested in the material, they will want to show up on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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