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Vietnam way like other wars was not without any causes and effects. It had its own causes and effects. Vietnam War was fought between 1959 to 1975. This war…
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Cause and effect vietnam war
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Download file to see previous pages The Vietnam War was a clash between the communist North Vietnam and the government of South Vietnam. Both of the sides were backed by external forces like the Korean War. As a result of this war, the communist part of Vietnam, Northern part became victorious (Moyar 112). The most describable feature of the Vietnam War is the usage of chemical warfare, which was backed by US. The chemicals that were employed by the agents were highly disadvantageous because they caused many defects such as birth defects, illnesses and poisoning of the food chain as a whole (Herring 68).
There were many causes behind the initiation of Vietnam War. The Vietnamese War can be traced back to World War II in which, Vietnam, which was one of the Indochina colonies of France, was occupied by Japan (Summers 157). Later on, Vietnam gained independence from Japan and France again showed interest in invading Vietnam and got involved in an Indochina war, in which it was defeated (Moyar 123). Vietnam was divided into two parts, South and North. South part was non-communist while north was communist.
The Americans were against communism as they regarded it against their values and theories. Communism was regarded against democracy and human rights (Herring 57). It supported military invasion and aggression. Due to these facts, US did not want any communist establishment in Asia. When communists started gaining control in Vietnam, US went against them and provided South Vietnam with extensive military and financial aid. US started aiding South Vietnam on the basis of its theories of containment and domino (Herring 72). According to them, communism can be spread widely if it exists in one state of a region. Therefore, US took a step to halt communism in Vietnam so that it cannot affect other states and regions of the world.
There was employment of aircrafts, helicopters, boats, chemical poisoning and other tactics for harming the people of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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