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Psychology & Christianty : Contributions by Gary R Collins - Essay Example

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Psychology has been one of the most academic and popular subjects for the last hundred years and several significant schools of thought and thousands of books have dealt with the nature of human personalities, development, relationships and inner well-being. These topics are of…
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Psychology & Christianty : Contributions by Gary R Collins
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Download file to see previous pages The book deals with the four models of the relationship of psychology and Christianity and the various topics of the book helps a Christian in understanding how the cherished Christian beliefs about persons is connected to the secular versions of psychology. In the book, David Powlison of the Westminster Theological Seminary provides a vital explanation of the biblical counseling model. David G. Myers (Hope College) makes a great contribution to the advancement of the levels-of-explanation model and the former executive director of American Association of Christian Counselors, Gary Collins, introduces the integration model. Robert C. Roberts of Baylor University deals with the Christian psychology model. One of the most significant aspects of the book is that the contributors, in their entry on each model, respond to the other essayists and point out the areas of agreement as well as disagreement. Eric L. Johnson and Stanton L. Jones, the editors of the book, provide an important introduction to the history of Christians and psychology and the conclusion makes an exploration of what may combine the four views together and how a reader might evaluate the comparative strengths and weaknesses of the various views. Therefore, Psychology & Christianity: Contributions by Gary R Collins makes a significant contribution to the understanding of the relationship between Christianity and psychology, revealing the vital aspects and models of this relationship and a Christian practitioner finds the book as most useful in his practice as it provides vital understanding of the Christian perspectives on human nature and the secular versions of psychology.
Psychology & Christianity: Contributions by Gary R Collins deals with the relationship between Christianity and psychology in six sections, four of them explores the various models of this relationship, an introduction and a conclusion. In the first section, “A History of Christian in Psychology” by Eric L. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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