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English Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - Essay Example

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John Perkins’ book The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is a very significant one as it highlights the important sides of real-politique functioning connected with the opposition between the public and the corporations and imposing upon the world countries the models of…
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English Essay Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
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"English Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"

Download file to see previous pages After having left his job he wrote this book and is nowadays ahead of the movement that proclaims the increase of social, economic and ecological responsibility of businesses.
After leaving his job as an economic hit man, Perkins founded the Independent Powers System, Inc. in1980 – a company in a very risky sphere – and later became the defender of the aboriginal rights in Amazonia, published several books on social responsibility, founded several non-profit organisations, among which is a famous Dream Change Coalition that, on the one hand, inspires people to achieve their goals, and on the other – invites them to be extremely careful about how their lives influence the rest of the society and our planet in the whole. All these facts make it obvious that Perkins is sincere in his book, and that it is not a purely PR campaign designed to turn attention to himself but truly precious confessions that make people aware of the crimes performed against the global community by certain structures and separate people. After all, it was not before the September 11, 2001 attacks that John Perkins decided to write about his activity as an economic hit man, disregarding all the threats that he had to face. Perkins was firm in his decision to share his knowledge about the contribution of the USA government and multiple global corporations into making these tragic events possible. According to John Perkins, the “help” that the corporations and other organisations promised to the third-world countries, eventually turned out to be a disaster for people in these countries.
Being an economic hit man, John Perkins travelled all over the world and took part in dramatic events of the modern history, including the money washing in Saudi Arabia, the defeat of the Iran Sheikh, the death of Panama President Omar Torrijos, and many others.
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