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Foundations of Conflict Resolution MODULE 3 CASE ASSIGNMENT - Essay Example

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It has been noted that the two parties had built an environment where there was a strong possibility for compromise among the two parties. As the case suggests the two parties…
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Foundations of Conflict Resolution MODULE 3 CASE ASSIGNMENT
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Download file to see previous pages The cooperation showed by the parties was an over ridding principle which allowed the two parties to continue on with the discussion. In the case there is a strong possibility of a Pareto – Optimal settlement. The case meets a number of the conditions like: “Despite conflicting interests, the parties recognize that they also share a problem of some urgency which, if not promptly resolved, may have adverse consequences for them all. Despite differences of perspective, the parties communicate easily with one another. No psychological problems or hidden motivations stunt or disturb the flow of communication. The parties and their attorneys are genuinely interested in possibilities of settlement without the distractions of posturing or jockeying for strategic advantage. Neither party is able or "willing to exercise overwhelming power or influence in the negotiations to force a decision in his or her favor." Each party understands the others arguments and interests, and neither party is willing to risk the possibility of a judgment adverse to it in a court of law. Objectively based criteria can be identified on which to build a settlement. The dialogue of negotiation discovers win/ win possibilities via "expansion of the resource to be traded." The parties may have an actual or potential relationship that each perceives as worth maintaining or cultivating. Both parties are willing to coordinate their actions in order to implement win/win solutions” (Selig, 2002).
Practical points that can derived from this case is that if the disputants have a strong understanding and ability to communicate and resolve the issue among themselves, it can prove to be very beneficial for all the parties and can create a win – win situation for all. Also if all the aspects of the case are considered, it is seen that the cooperative behaviour along with the need for and willingness to genuinely have a need for settlement. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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