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Justify Research Design - Essay Example

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According to Moenssens, Inbau, & Starrs ( 1986 ) , the investigation of crimes through the application of scientific evidences happens to be a multidisciplinary approach , involving the contribution from science and technology , law , etc . Though the forensic disciplines…
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Justify Research Design
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Download file to see previous pages Thus among the different forensic methods , a few of them are used often . This necessitates the need to identify and upgrade those particular forensic methods , that are most utilized .
The proposed research intends to evaluate the utility of the different Forensic disciplines and compare their contribution to crime resolution in major departments like United States – army , navy and air force investigative services . The identity of the frequently used forensic method would be used to improve or upgrade them .
In order to have an accurate evaluation of the most utilized forensic method , the research design proposed is the Quantitative method . Quantitative research is systematic approach that is objective and formal in nature . In this quantitative research information are extracted in the numerical form . As stated by Guba & Lincoln (2005) , “the quantitative methodology is based on the positivist paradigm of knowledge”.
Data collection in quantitative method could be by survey or tracking or experimental . This research chooses to collect the data by the tracking method . In this tracking method , the usage of different forensic methods are to be tracked and recorded so that they could be analyzed statistically . It has been proposed to collect the data form the Federal lab in United States . Also , a large sample size of the data source , helps in accurate deduction of the research outcome .
The quantitative variable that has been proposed to be measured is the usage or utility rate of the forensic methods . This variable has to be measured with the help of ordinal scale which is a pre defined numerical that could be used to represent the extend of use of that forensic method . The ordinal scale may be chosen to be like this : 1 - seldom used , 2- fairly used , 3 moderately used , 4 – highly used , 5 – frequently used ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Justify Research Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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