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If questions like ‘what is piety or justice’ is asked to an ordinary person, the answer would probably a dictionary definition that is objective. But Plato does not see it that way. For a seeker, in Plato’s philosophy, the question would be ‘what ought to be’ and…
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Enclosed in description
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Download file to see previous pages Forms are abstract and do not change over time. Shields commenting on this states that “Forms are objects of knowledge, and since knowledge requires stable, unchanging objects, Forms must have these attributes” (Shields 87).
2. The fact that Socrates does not follow Crito’s advice regarding escape from jail and execution is an indication of the man’s strong conviction regarding justice. He sees escape as morally unjust. It is another matter whether Socrates is guilty or not. According to him it is not right to go against the law. Doing a wrong to correct a wrong is not right. It is equal to the concept of ‘an eye for an eye’ and escaping will result in a great man going against justice. It is not correct to provide such an image (of moral injustice) to the public. Escaping will result in such an image. Crito fears shame because unless Socrates escapes, the public will think that friends (of Socrates) had done nothing to save the philosopher’s life.
3. According to Socrates, an expert is a person who should deliver his goods or advice without contradicting oneself. Morality should also be an essential element. The many cannot really do anything good or bad. The problem with going along with the many is that it can corrupt the morals and sense of justice within a person. The many in this context is the large number of people who want Socrates to escape. But the moral expert would not advice such an act since it would be against justice. This is precisely what Socrates wants Crito to understand.
4. It is not the size of the state that matter, but the strength of the reason for which it was created. The people should work towards upholding that reason and should obey each and every direction given by the state. They may even have to die for it. No individual can survive alone and can do so only under a state’s rule. The state has the power to make individual ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Enclosed in Description Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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