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Human resource Take home exam - Essay Example

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Among the various types of such systems, progressive discipline is a methodology where there is a provision for a graduating set of responses that…
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Human resource Take home exam
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Download file to see previous pages In the current case of the employee in the boiler room, there is a clear evidence that the new manager followed the system of progressive discipline by beginning from mild warnings and moving towards suspension from work in response to a lack of any response from the grievant. The grievant increasingly non responsiveness to the concerns of the manager especially with respect to the maintenance of safety within the workplace were not considered by the grievant, who even considered the option of discussing his issues pertaining to religious beliefs in a detailed manner (Amy Delpo, 2007). such a case of serious misconduct in the case of the grievant eventually led to his expulsion from the company as the manager was convinced over time to the relative insensitivity of the employee to his orders.
Many large companies follow a system of progressive discipline although such practices are not given a proper definition. Further, it must be noted that the manager was also rather unheeding to the concerns of the employee with regards to the compromise of his modesty had he agreed to the directives of the manager. the grievant tried his best to convince his manager that the un-tucked shirt would not pose any problems in an environment with moving parts and also made efforts to reach out to his manager by presenting a book on the guidelines for employers in following Islamic religious practices (George Odiorne, 1990). However, it is believed that both the entities are equally to blame in this scenario as none was found to have budged from their earlier stand and that the eventual termination was just a matter of time as both parties would not heed to the concerns of the other and had made no serious effort to consider any notable alternatives.
any action in an employment scenario qualifies as ‘tangible’ provided it leads to a significant change in the status of an employee. Although it is argued by the plaintiff that she was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Human Resource Take Home Exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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