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Crime on the streets - Essay Example

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Violent crimes on streets are one of the major problems faced by United States and other global community. Poverty, increased religious fundamentalism and nationalism…
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Crime on the streets
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Download file to see previous pages There are cases in which a person coming from a problematic heredity has been developed a sound healthy personality. On the other hand we have stories of persons who were brought up in a malicious environment became good citizens. Consumerism has conquered the current world and the advancement in science and technology has raised the living standards. Poor people always watch the rich ones with surprise and jealousy. The thirst for such higher living standards and the negligence suffering from the society will force them to adopt any kind of activities in order to earn money irrespective of good or bad. Urban areas are more volatile to violence and criminal activities compared to rural areas.
Persons living in areas with heavy concentrations of the very poor, experience anomie: a state of normlessness. The poor youths in such areas may not have good jobs and education which prevent them from achieving higher living standards. But their expectations and targets will always exceeds what actually they deserved or capable of achieving which may force them to engage in criminal activities. Rich people normally stay in urban areas with high degree of living standards. The poor around such rich community often come across with such higher living standards which eluded them because of their poverty. Desperations will creep up and the poor, especially the youths who have more frustrations compared to the older people, may start criminal activities like robbery, theft and pick pocketing.
But poverty alone cannot be sited as the reasons for criminalization of poor urban youths. A persons poverty may very well shape other life experiences and life choices, but it has very little direct influence on criminal behaviour. For example, we have lot of examples in which even the richest people engaged in violent criminal activities. “Abused and neglected ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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