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This research will contain the selection of an information or communication procedure in our healthcare organization that involves the…
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BHS 455 (Computer & Information Systems) Module 2 SLP
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"BHS 455 (Computer & Information Systems) Module 2 SLP"

Download file to see previous pages Now the aim of this module is to select the better information system communication technology that will involve the data and information collection and processing areas. Here I will describe the information exchange procedure and its purpose. This research will also outline the key Inputs, Processes and Outputs that are used in the overall communication system.
UHB (University Hospital Birmingham) is the healthcare organization I have selected for the assessment for which we are going to implement the information technology system. UHB (University Hospital Birmingham) Foundation Trust was honored a excellent ranking for excellence of service as well as outstanding for utilize of resources regarding the patients life safety, this rating is established by the Healthcare Commission yearly Health repot 2007.
Here I will outline the main departmental and organization structure of the University Hospital Birmingham. This departmental division will provide a great help regarding the technology needs assessment and technology implementation areas. This will also help us to outline the important data and information areas from where we can access the data for the better organizational data and information utilize.
The basic aim of development of health care management and handling system is to provide a better working platform to the business and managing the hospital in a better way. For the University Hospital Birmingham it is really essential, because for such huge business we need a system that can centralize the whole working departments and management areas. The manual management of such system is really difficult so we need a system with better management capabilities, so there is great need of inter-departmental communication for the effective management of staffing, resources, treatment, finances, and demand, need and supply.
We have planned an information system structure that will comprise the organizational LAN (Local ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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