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After finishing her studies from Amherst Academy, she returned to her home after spending a short span of time at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary. Emily lived almost in total…
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Research paper on emily dickinson with some analysis of her work
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Download file to see previous pages Her poems were marked by very close descriptions of inspirational moments, and moments of happiness. Most of here poems centered around ideas of death and immortality. Her works received severe criticism in the late 19th and early 20th century, but she is now considered as a major American poet by most (Bloom, 9).
Before 1861: Only five poems have been dated to be written before 1858 (Pickard, 20). These are more conventional in nature than her later works, and are based on subjects like valentines, her feared of loss of friendship, her missing of her brother.
Dickinson’s work showcases her artistic prowess and is centered around a variety of themes. She is often regarded as a transcendentalist as she was deeply inspired by works of Emerson. Her poems had a very intelligent usage of humor, sarcasm, irony, and satire (Wolff, 171). Some of the major themes that can be seen her works include:
Morbidity: This theme of her characterized by her interest with topics like illness, dying and death. Her poems describe death by many methods: drowning, hanging, suffocation, premature burial, stabbing and so on. Her sharpest work came in the form of “death blow from the GOD” and “funeral in the brain”. These works reflect the starving characteristic of her personality. Her most complex work is based on the principle of death of self because of the loss of hunger for life.
Flowers and gardens: Poems written in the early period of her life were characterized by an intelligent blending of her poetry with a bouquet. Farr (1-7) notes that she associates some flowers like the gentians and anemones to youth and humility; while others with prudence and insight. Examples of such work by her include: "My nosegays are for Captives – / Dim – long expectant eyes – / Fingers denied the plucking, / Patient till Paradise – / To such, if they shd ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Emily Dickinson by William Shakespeare. In 1850, Emily’s emotional and mental states took a turn for the worst. In a span of just a few years, Emily lost a handful of close friends to various illnesses. As a result of these deaths, Emily withdrew into herself, keeping out of sight and sound of society. Emily continued to write her poems, though they focused greatly on the subject of death, which came as no surprise. However, the first half of the 1860s, the years following these deaths, “proved to be Dickinson’s most productive writing period (Habegger 405).” In the later half of the 1860s, though, Emily became...
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... of biological nerves as sensors of pain, and tombs as the symbols of death imply that Emily perceived human life, especially her life as full of sufferings, and that death is the only formal feeling that is different from the painful sufferings in life. In relation to The Belle of Amherst, the poem After Great Pain, a Formal Feeling Comes is decorated with senses of depression and feelings of grief, which were effectively portrayed in the film. Work Cited Dickinson, Emily and Smith, Michael. Emily Dickinson: Selected Poems and Commentaries. Harvard: Harvard University Press, 2010. Print.... The Belle of Amherst and Emily Dickinson’s Poems Admittedly, The Belle of Amherst is an explicit portrayal of...
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