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Cultural Experience - Essay Example

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Since I am a female, I happened to see such events and situations for the first time in my life. However I enjoyed my time at the gay club since I learned so much about the people there. I hardly found any…
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Cultural Experience
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Download file to see previous pages It surely was a very different experience for me. I usually don’t get to see males having sexual feelings for each other and that too in full public view. However the gay club didn’t have any restrictions whatsoever and men were allowed to touch each others’ private parts, commit into sexual arousal activities, make-out and so on. The experience taught me that like lesbians have their own rights, gays have theirs too. And they experienced it solely within the domains of the gay clubs that have opened within the different city centers.
As far as cultural dynamics are concerned, I learned that those actions and behaviors on the part of the gays were not accepted far and wide. Their actions rested solely within the realms of the gay club. When they stepped out of it, they were ordinary men who would keep a distance from other men. Thus the cultural taboo-ness of the whole saga made it even more appealing. It was a double standards situation happening right in front of me, one set of rules inside the gay club and another one, outside it.
The otherness of the event made it very interesting in entirety. The otherness stemmed from the fact that I had never seen such a thing taking place in my entire life. The otherness also came about when I didn’t get to see any women in the gay club, which once again was understandable and a sheer lack of knowledge on my part. But what was really bizarre was the fact that these gays enjoyed the company of one another in explicit ways and made sure all around them knew what they were doing.
As a culturally responsive helper, I gained quite a few insights. I learned that it is a taboo within any society to have gay and lesbian relationships but these run deep within any country of the world. There are separate places fixed for such activities where no limitations are bound on the gays. I also learned that everything has its limits and such activities might be considered ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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