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Classical Argument Paper - Essay Example

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To better understand the criticism vouched to these due rights its necessary to understand the concept of animal rights themselves. Animal rights are also considered to…
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Classical Argument Paper
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"Classical Argument Paper"

Download file to see previous pages used for research and entertainment (Taylor 2003).Thus, animal rights aim to draw up a comparison between animals and humans, demanding equal rights for both.
Changes have been made in the American constitution to support these animal rights. With the world developing a humane spirit, it has become necessary for politicians to support the movement no matter what the human cost. Amongst these are the Animal Welfare Act (2009) in the United States and the Animal Welfare Act (2006) in the United Kingdom. These welfare movements aim at checking the work done by all sectors of the country: agriculture, entertainment and clothing.
The problem is that liberation should be given to those who are moral agents of a society. This argument aims to show that if this moral agent cannot claim the rights for themselves or respect the rights of others, the question that arises is how an animal can be expected to fulfill these objectives. So while it makes sense to show compassion to these creatures, how can they be afforded the same rights that they will not recognize or respect in anyone else?
According to Roger Scrunton, human beings tend to focus on animal rights that are limited to their lives. Thus, according to this argument, individuals concentrate on those animals that live under their care. It is after individuals’ involved their moral sensibilities that these human beings are moved to take responsibility for the animals under their custody. Wild animals and plants are as beautiful and valuable to the ecosystem as those living under human care. Yet, little effort is made to protect these creatures compared to the efforts made to protect pets. While organizations like World Wide Fund move to protect animals on the verge of extinction, a greater deal is done for animals used for experimenting and kept at home. Thus, while fox-hunting is still permissible in many parts of the world, factory farming is prohibited.
Apart from this philosophical argument there is also the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Classical Argument Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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