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However, certain dictionary definitions have been as varied as the concept itself. For example, equality is said to be a state of being equal or at par with…
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Download file to see previous pages While there are notions that connect equality with the similarity and sameness of identity, they identify equality with similarity, rather than sameness. However, probing further, the concept of equality is distinguished from the definition of identity, as two identical things may not be equal......(Gospath, 2007)
In addition, the Marxist definitions have simplified the concept of equality as being a system of relations where every one has equal rights, privileges, and status. As per this theory, the concept of equality has been the result of development of concepts related to freedom and universality. It has cited the equality definition being not true in many societies of the world, like Afghanistan where the gender equality is still not present, as females are not treated at par with the male members of these tribal societies. The Marxist theory further propounds that due to the amassing of wealth by a miniscule percentage of the society, inequality was more evident than equality. Similarly, as per this theory, the religious equality was seen more in the form of inequality as the priests and other Godmen had more privileges and rights than the general masses....(Eq)
Both of these cannot co-exist. It is often seen that with different levels of power and wealth accumulation, the real justice is not possible, as more powerful will always try to exploit the weaker section of the society. As per Friedrich Nietzsche, (Human, All Too Human, #92), justice is a trade, which has originated among those who are equally powerful. While he maintains that justice is just the payment and exchange within the characteristic of trade, everyone gives what the other person wants and each gets what he wants in return.
It has been emphasized several times that fairness, being a form of justice, is possible, maybe rarely only, among equally powerful people only. Hence, justice cannot be treated at par with equality, as the basic character of justice is to trade on reasonably ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Equality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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