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Week 2 Discussion Questions - Essay Example

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What are the three project team structures? What are some of the elements that differentiate the team structures from one another? How is the project team structure related to the project manager’s authority level?
The three project team structures are the process or…
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Week 2 Discussion Questions
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Download file to see previous pages The teams are defined in order to support the business processes which are of significance as concerns to the relevance of the scope of the project that they are under. The resource pool structure is based on the construction of teams from similar kinds of resource. The elements that are different within these team structures are that two of them are people-centric while the last one depends heavily on the availability of resources. The project team structure is related with the project manager’s authority since he will then be able to have a better idea as to how things will be conducted within the domain that he is working under.
The boundary of the project upon which the project manager has completed hold upon is indeed the project scope. It is a fact that there are some outputs of project scope as well, which are indeed the time and costs associated. Therefore project scope takes into consideration what will be included and what must remain excluded from the domains of the project. Scope changes with the passage of time. The components of the project scope include the justification for the project, the specification and description of the product that is sought, the project deliverables and indeed the objectives of the project. These components define the real essence of a project and hence the project scope is closely linked with it as well. The components will eventually define the basis of project scope which is important.
3. What does each of the letters in the SMART acronym stand for? In your own words, describe what each piece of the SMART acronym means? Why is the SMART acronym an important part of developing requirements for the project?
SMART is an acronym used for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound activities within the project management domains. By specific, one means that the project objectives need to be significant, simple and stretching all at the same time. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Week 2 Discussion Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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