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Television is the worst invention of modern times - Essay Example

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A substantial amount of time is spent at home watching it. In most cases, the time that families spend watching television is more than that spent while discussing family issues…
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Television is the worst invention of modern times
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Download file to see previous pages In the modern offices, there are usually large screens where people can watch television as they take a rest after several hours of working. During lunch time, hotels have television for people to catch a glimpse of the lunch time news. In the evening after a long day of work, people either relax in social places or at home where they watch their favorite programs or live games such as football.
Most of the free time for the families who can afford television as well as the energy to keep it running is spent watching shows. There are some television programs that are organized in form of episodes which are aired at a particular time in certain days of the week. They attract the attention of people who never like to miss a single episode. Family disagreements are known to have occurred as a result of preference of television programs and channels. This is because each channel has its own programs and episodes, and they try as much as possible to outdo each other in order for them to attract more viewers. There are incidences where it has turned out in to real violence for example when the children want to watch an episode while the father wants to watch football (Hilmes and Jacobs 2008 p 66).
However, it is not always that families disagree because of television. It is also a source of contentment and relaxation. Many times the family is united through watching a particular favorite program for all. Under such circumstances, even if there were quarrels, they are usually forgotten for at least the time that the family will be viewing television (Sinha 2006 p 45). On the other hand, television is informative especially in regard to the events of national concern. People can see and listen to important people in the government, churches and many other leaders in the society on television. They also learn a lot concerning global events. It is a form of global networking in terms of information. People can learn the culture of others distributed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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