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Alarm Systems Paper - Essay Example

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The nature and accountability of security management has made it inevitable to determine systems and applications which would ensure the safety and protection of the entire organization which an officer is responsible for. One of the most relevant security systems that an…
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Alarm Systems Paper
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"Alarm Systems Paper"

Download file to see previous pages 87) Fay, on the other hand, defines an alarm system as “tools that make security incident response possible”. (2007, p. 258)
Due to its critical nature in safeguarding the resources of the organization, this paper is written with twofold objectives: (1) to present the mechanics on how the alarm system works and (2) to present the rationale for using different types of alarm systems.
Alarms are either electrical or mechanical devices. In its simplest form, an alarm system is nothing but one or more sensors connected to some sort of siren. The very simplest alarm would have a switch on the door, window, vent, or skylights and it would be wired so that if someone opened the any of the areas specified, the siren would start wailing. You could implement this alarm with a switch, a couple of pieces of wire and a siren. However, this does not end here. An alarm system would only be effective with appropriate monitoring. Four methods of monitoring are noted by Morris (2007, p. 87), to wit: local monitoring, central station monitoring, direct fire or police monitoring and propriety monitoring. Depending on an organization’s resources and requirements, the appropriate method of monitoring is applied. Finally, an operator is required to interface with the alarm system. The operator sets, resets and responds immediately to the alarm system.
Morris (2007) averred that “a basic alarm system is divided into three layers: perimeter protection, area protection, and spot protection. Perimeter protection is the first line of defense to detect a potential intruder. Alarm sensors on the perimeter are typically
Area protection, on the other hand, is utilized to protect the interior premises of an organization. Accordingly, “these devices provide coverage whether or not the perimeter is penetrated and are especially useful in detecting the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Alarm Systems Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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