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Data Analysis Skills for Economics and Accountancy - Essay Example

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The data for the last half of the year is not accounted for both countries in 2009. After analyzing the graph we can conclude that the change in inflation rate is…
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Data Analysis Skills for Economics and Accountancy
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Download file to see previous pages Similarly, a higher inflation can also signify that the economy is plunged into a debilitating recession, thus in both cases it is unclear to deduce which country has got a hand over the other.
The above histogram describes the number of hours spent on average using a microcomputer in week by the users. Sample population comprises of 370 individuals which is enough to find the normality of the sample data. The histogram has a mean of 10.41 which implies that on average each user spends 10.41 hours in a week on the computer. The standard deviation of 8.993 which is very high and close to the mean value reveals that there are a lot of values which are deviating from the standard mean. These deviations are the outlier which can be confirmed by the maximum value (outlier) of 78. The data set has a range of 78 which implies that the difference between the maximum and minimum value of 78. The distribution of the above graph can not be certainly described as a normal one because it has too many outliers but it can be classified as skewed to left.
After classifying the dataset into groups of 15 units we have divided the answers into categories ranging from very high to very low. Since the chi-square tests shows that the asymptotic significance value of 0.653 is greater than the significance level of 0.10 therefore we reach to a conclusion that gender does not affects the time spent by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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