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The development of Apartheid across South Africa has been the result of the expansion of cultural and financial differentiations among people in accordance with their race. On the other hand, it has been proved that Apartheid has been a system with no standard characteristics…
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Case Study - Apartheid Education : the South African Example
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Download file to see previous pages In the study of Gibson (2003) it is revealed that ‘support for democracy in South Africa is not widespread; it varies considerably across the major racial/ethnic groups in the country; education contributes to the development of democratic values among whites but not among Africans, "Coloureds," and those of Asian origin’ (Gibson, 2003, 772). Apartheid affected all aspects of daily life of black people in South Africa. In the everyday activities of people in the specific area, Apartheid had the form of the exclusion of black people from specific initiatives/ rights. Lemon et al. (2005) refer to the review of the terms of housing markets in South Africa after the collapse of Apartheid. The elimination of Apartheid – an effort that has not been completed yet – has been achieved through the active support of unions. The specific issue is highlighted in the study of Barchiesi (2007) who emphasized ‘the decisive role of organized labor and black trade union organizations in the collapse of the apartheid regime’ (Barchiesi, 2007, 39). Apartheid had many different aspects; current paper focuses on the effects of Apartheid on the education system of South Africa; the methods of education used during the period of the system’s domination would be examined and evaluated in order to understand the effects of Apartheid on South Africa’s education – referring to all levels of educational activities.
Apartheid has been a system with many different aspects and effects; the appearance and the development of this system has been the result of a long term conflict regarding the rights of people of different racial background; Apartheid is closely related with the American history. Towards this direction it is noted that in the period that followed the Civil War (USA) ‘the principle of racial segregation subsequently permeated other social institutions, most notably the political, educational, and residential institutions, to form the American ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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