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Identification of Qualitative Methodology - Research Paper Example

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The research article being discussed in this paper identifies the qualitative research instruments utilized in a study on gender, power and politics in the work environment. The research methodology included interviews and observational research. The primary research question…
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Identification of Qualitative Methodology
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"Identification of Qualitative Methodology"

Download file to see previous pages The group also consisted of women who were in assistant-variety positions which was intended to emphasize scenarios where power and control were highlighted. Based on the background given about Taiwan, the sample population recruited for the study was appropriate as well.
The observational approach to the research was not significant because there is no mention of time-frame for each of these observational sessions nor a description of the observed environment. In many respects, this aspect could have either been eliminated from the study or enhanced further to justify methodology. The on-site observation would require being a separate event from interview environments to avoid researcher error or bias.
This study also did not clearly outline its intended objectives, moving directly from the background of Taiwan business to theoretical secondary sources with no mention of a direct goal. The interest of the study was clearly to find out information about this working environment without a strong focus on what was intended to be proven or disproven. The con of this approach is that it was too broad of a research study with no clearly outlined research objective.
(or trends) based on responses. The researcher categorized these responses into power, gender, and office politics. This study has bias in it though as it chose a sample of women who were in clearly-inferior job roles to other authoritarian leaders (by hierarchical design), which seems to have lessened the study’s reliability and/or validity. Having no clear research objective and a sample which was not, by design, unbiased is another con of this research study methodology. A cross section of male workers, in similar environments in support roles, would seem to justify the relationship between power and gender in the workplace better. This would mean having to add on more interviews for a different cross-section of male ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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