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Favorite television show ( Beverly Hills 90210) - Essay Example

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It aired on a Wednesday night from 8:00 – 9:00 pm on the Fox channel and ran for an hour including commercials. It featured a bunch of high school kids…
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Favorite television show ( Beverly Hills 90210)
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"Favorite television show ( Beverly Hills 90210)"

Download file to see previous pages However, they were balanced with fun, friendship, family affection, and group bonding.
The main characters were the Walsh twins Brenda and Brandon, Kelly, Dylan, Steve, David, and Andrea. It all started when Brenda and Brandon’s family transferred from Minneapolis to California. From there, it was an exciting roller coaster ride in the lives of these rich teenagers. What I liked best was the love triangle between Brenda, Kelly, and Dylan. Brenda was played by Shannen Doherty while Kelly was played by Jennie Garth. Both girls had different but charming personalities. Dylan was played by Luke Perry who seemed to be a typical guy who can get into a flirtatious fling with a blonde like Kelly while he was still in a relationship with Brenda. This seemed to have highlighted how teenagers tend to get too serious with boy-girl relationships at times and end up getting deeply hurt. From here, I learned that physical attraction is less important compared with establishing a relationship with the opposite that is based on friendship and mature love.
On the other hand, Beverly Hills 90210 also presented the experimentation that is typical of individuals in this developmental stage. The characters tried smoking, drinking, heavy petting, drugs and other wild adventures. In one episode that showed their prom night the girls Kelly, Donna, and Brenda sipped too much punch. Donna, the values-oriented adolescent in the group, got really drunk after the event. In the meantime, when Brenda returned from her trip to Paris she started to indulge in smoking. Dylan, the typical cool guy, battled with his drinking sprees. After 10 seasons, Beverly Hills 90210 ended but the memories will always be a significant part of the teenage years of those who watched the show.
Meanwhile, the commercials on television that were shown during the air time of Beverly Hills 90210 focused on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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