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Religion Studies: 800 word paper on Hinduism plus one of the Muslim, Jain or Sikh traditions - Essay Example

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Though religions generally always tend to exclude the viewpoints of other religions, it does not take a close examination of several to notice similarities between them. Of course, there are fundamental differences as well, and these differences show us the extent to which the…
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Download file to see previous pages an illusion, while in Islam the realization that people have an innate knowledge of God is necessary for faith, which is the main idea behind Islamic salvation. The differences and similarities between these two views will explain the differences between the world views of the two religions.
In Hinduism, God is considered to be that which is most worthy of love, and therefore God is most worthy of worship. However, the problem is that people think of themselves as uniquely different creatures, removed from anything and everything else. To reach true salvation, one needs to realize that they the image of the self is merely illusory: “The self that disappears is the individualized self created by urbanization” (Fasching, deChant 2001, pg. 107). Being around other people, animals, and other objects leads one to believe that there is a difference between oneself and everything else. This leads people to believe that God, or the multitude of Gods, are separate from them as well. In this religion, it is acceptable to worship more than one God. However, this is somewhat of a misperception. The misperception comes from the idea that these various gods are functionally different from another other god. The idea that a Hindu god would be opposed to a person worship another god would not make sense because the gods would realize that they aren’t actually worshipping other gods. All gods are part of the same God, just as all people are part of the same God. To attain salvation, the idea that there is a physical body which separates the self from everything else, that the body is some sort of border between the self and everything else, needs to be unlearned: “When the fiction of the self is exposed one gains insight into the true nature of the self” (Fasching, deChant 2001, pg. 107). Once this has been realized, then a person has achieved salvation, and thus the person will be exempted from reincarnation, the process of birth, death, and rebirth.
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