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Book Report on Jimmy Carters Book: The Virtues of Aging - Essay Example

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The title of the book itself suggests this objective, through the use of the word “virtue”, because the book highlights the high levels of…
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Book Report on Jimmy Carters Book: The Virtues of Aging
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"Book Report on Jimmy Carters Book: The Virtues of Aging"

Download file to see previous pages He details the various crises in his life, such as the threat of bankruptcy which loomed as the long standing family business was almost lost, but fortunately this disaster was averted. Carter also discusses the process whereby he learnt to develop fresh avenues to enhance his earning potential, by drawing upon his skills as an elder statesman and the inherent value of communicating his own experiences through the medium of writing. Throughout the process, he underscores the importance of the emotional support that he received from his wife, Rosalyn Carter, which not only helped him to face the difficulties during his Presidential term but also helped him to keep an open mind while making the transition to senior citizen, so that an identity crisis was averted. Carter details the lessons he learnt along the way on how to age gracefully by focusing on the positive attributes and qualities associated with ageing. In the last section of the book, he offers the reader suggestions on preparing for ageing and retirement, while also providing statistical data related to ageing people.
In his book, Carter has noted that the physical appearance of ageing is an issue of concern, because this produces a bias against elderly people, which is very similar to racism or sexism and is therefore a form of discrimination. He has set out to prove that ageing need not have the negative connotations which characterize it, either for the young or the elderly and he succeeds in achieving this objective. He has stressed the importance of keeping an open mind to prepare for this transition into old age, because it signals an entry into a significant new stage of life rather than a cause of depression fuelled by loss of the physical, mental and emotional gifts of youth.
For example, Carter offers the view that older people worry too much about ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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