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Jurnal 3 Marketing - Assignment Example

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In the market, there are many products sold with different brand names. In this paper, I will inform about two brands of my choice. First one is Nokia, which provides mobiles or cell phones and second one is Microsoft, which…
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Jurnal 3 Marketing
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Download file to see previous pages I always like to take cell phones of Nokia because of its reputation in the market. Also Nokia is well-liked by most people because of a number of features of the cell phone.
With new technologies, Nokia is also offering new features that enable the cell phone more appreciative and likable. Some months ago, I have taken a cell phone of Nokia. I did not buy the cell phone as I was in need of it but because of the brand name and reputation. This is one of my favorite brands because this brand has never disappointed me in its provision of services. In addition, Nokia has its market value.
I was at the age of 13 when I first get a Nokia mobile and I was very happy to get it. My cell phone was well-liked by all my friends and my family members and every one showed appreciation for it. I have an interest in the products of Nokia because it is durable, it has market value and it is well-liked.
There were a few incidents that happened when I got the cell phone. My cell phone dropped from my hands a number of times but nothing happened to it, which proved its durability. Also, once it fell into a pool, I brought it out and at once powered it off in order to safeguard it from any harm. I then dried all its water and put it under a lamp. After a day, I powered it on and to my great surprise, it was just okay. My friends reported the same incidents with their cell phones but with destructive outputs, while my cell phone remained safe. Therefore, I love the cell phones by Nokia.
Whenever I am interested to get a new cell phone, I try to get awareness of new products launched by Nokia. I prefer to check the latest technological developments by Nokia because of its name. In addition, when I like some aspect of newly introduced technologies in the brands of cell phones, I always try to find the similarities in the Nokia brands.
Like Nokia, I have a strong liking for Microsoft brands. The software programs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Jurnal 3 Marketing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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