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Paper analyze: 8 articles - Essay Example

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Author’s supporting evidence/examples - The importance of published data, as argued by Phillips, lies in its progressive approach leading to new hypotheses and related issues. Besides, “analysis of published data requires much less money, time, manpower and expertise”…
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Paper analyze: 8 articles
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Download file to see previous pages Author’s supporting evidence/examples - Phillips explains that confidence levels for a survey can be computed by means of evaluating the difference between true and observed value of a measure such as market share. Larger sample size means smaller sample error and more accuracy in confidence levels.
Author’s supporting evidence/examples - Phillips argues that while selecting the sample size, clients favor the obtaining of “acceptable odds” for making the right business decisions. Less sampling error indicates more appropriate estimates in the survey.
Author’s supporting evidence/examples - L. L. Thurstone formally tested economic theories on individual choice in as early as 1931 (McKinney and Roth, 2009). He used experimental techniques common in Psychology to describe individual choices.
Author’s supporting evidence/examples - Studies in individual choice behavior focus on choices involving risky factors and irrational behavior as well as choices made over time (McKinney and Roth, 2009).
Author’s supporting evidence/examples - Phillips describes that a market trend can be measured by summary sample inclusive of both static and dynamic panel members, thus providing a better solution than surveys for a market research problem.
Author’s supporting evidence/examples - Phillips remarks that panel samples, especially static panel samples provide better results in minimizing sampling errors than independent surveys, where sample bias is a serious concern.
Author’s supporting evidence/examples - Phillips argues that due to a number of issues like globalization of market, technology innovation and multicultural workforces, the current scenario in management research is affected by new business problems.
Author’s supporting evidence/examples - With its implementation, as argued by Phillips, the university and the firm can distinguish pertinent elements of a business problem. Transferring ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Paper Analyze: 8 Articles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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