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Legal issues & advocacy - Essay Example

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They do so via educational means, such as public education. This organization is non-profit and non-governmental. The Executive Director is based in Canberra Office,…
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Legal issues & advocacy
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Download file to see previous pages Quoting the need to restore a “green infrastructure”, this project would provide some 1,300 jobs for rural areas with economic difficulties.
Agency Details: This department, previously known as the Department for Community development, was sectioned from it’s partner Department, and is created to address the needs and necessities of the community. It aims to strengthen community bonds and improve social welfare. The department is further divided into different offices, such as the Family and Domestic Violence Unit and Office for Youth.
Community Services Minster Robyn McSweeney has revamped and improved on the morality and motivation of the Parenting Service so as to further encourage the use of its services to improve parents’ care-taking skills. The department shall also engage the aid of organizations that work with families to further improve on parenting services provided.
Agency Details: Established in the early 20th century, the Department worked to promote healthy growth and development of children, preventing them from being mistreated, exploited, and other undesirable actions. The creation of this department was in response to the Mitchell baby-farming case.
There has been requests for help by the Aboriginal people in protecting their children, a new Aboriginal Reference Group is being formed to provide advice and aid to Aboriginal people requiring assistance in children protection enquiries. They hope to involve Aboriginal people all across West Australia to participate, and will hold meetings six times a year.
Agency Details: Seeing the potential in the arts, DADAA WA was create to promote and persuade employers to consider the working potential found in people with disabilities, and this is possible through the business of art.
The women of Western Australia have had a history noteworthy and commendable. Gathering the funds required to build a statue and fountain, the Water Garden was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Legal Issues & Advocacy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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