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MHE514 - Psy. Social Aspts of Emerg. and Disaster Module 3 - Case - Essay Example

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Human made disasters are preventable if we take some precautionary measure. Most of the disasters are occurred because of the human strive for advanced facilities and profit making. This paper analyses the…
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MHE514 - Psy. Social Aspts of Emerg. and Disaster Module 3 - Case
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Download file to see previous pages Lot of people were injured and even still people staying there reported lot of health problems. Most of the residents within the affected area, which covered eight square miles, lived in poverty. This village was populated with illiterate people and they were not aware of the possible safety measures when the tragedy occurred. “The Bhopal event was the worst industrial disaster ever, and provides a classic case to study from an environmental health viewpoint, as it raises important issues, not only in terms of toxicology, but also in terms of occupational health and safety, air pollution, epidemiology, risk assessment, disaster management, and environmental protection.  There has been much written about Bhopal, pointing out the lessons which we should learn, to prevent tragedies of this kind from occurring in the future.” (Muller)
Most of the people affected by breathlessness, persistent cough, diminished vision, early age cataracts, loss of appetite, menstrual irregularities, recurrent fever, back and body aches, loss of sensation in limb, fatigue, weakness, anxiety etc. Even the survivors and the newly born babies reportedly having different kinds of cancers, tuberculosis, reproductive system problems and other problems such as growth retardation etc.
It is clear that an industrial tragedy definitely may result in a long time health problems associated with the inhabitants. In one of the monument established at the tragedy site written as “No more Hiroshima, No more Bhopal” which clearly suggests the depth of the accident occurred.
“A new Union Carbide scandal broke in India today as furious Bhopal survivors protested against leaked plans of a shadowy deal between Carbides 100% owner Dow Chemical and the Indian Oil Corporation to supply ethylene glycol technology for IOCs Panipat complex” (Murky deal may help Carbide sneak back into India)The first lesson we must learn from this tragedy is that Industrial plants ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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