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Human Resource Case Studies - Essay Example

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Decentralized tra8ining programs propose opportunities and benefits for fast food chains as they allow to save costs usually spent on training and reduce turnover. Decentralized training allows to meet individual needs of an employee and the store. An individuals needs (as well…
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Human Resource Case Studies
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Download file to see previous pages The precise relationship between job perception and job satisfaction (indeed, the very direction of the relationship) is not altogether clear, although there is clear evidence of a linkage. The weakness of decentralized training is lack of unified approach to training (each store and supervisor teach different skills). In future, the employee will have to retrain applying to a new job or a new fast food company.
Small companies can provide employees who are parents or have working spouses with flexible working hours and job sharing. As for working schedules, the indications are sparse, but they do suggest that rotating shifts can have deleterious effects on employees and that a flexible time schedule is more likely to improve satisfaction (or outcomes associated with satisfaction) than job performance. Good effects, along with some counterbalancing adverse effects, from the use of flexible have been reported in regard to recruitment and retention, work readiness, overtime, time off, and skill-broadening. Productivity improvement has been reported when flexible provided for more efficient utilization of scarce resources by employees. Work schedules can have a negative impact on quality of family life in the case of nonstandard work days, shift work, and long hours.
The claims made by the union are objective and important for employees. Any company has a right to interrogate employees concerning their union activities, or threat employees to disclosure identities of other union members. The claims made by the union shows that there is dissatisfaction which could be handled by both unions and employers through the mechanism of union-voices, and the second is dissatisfaction which could not be handled by them, and which would thus lead workers to eave the firm eventually. The problem is that the union members and employees do not inform the company management about telephone calls and communication inside the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Human Resource Case Studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 2.
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