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Theory Research - Essay Example

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Social disorganisation theory is a theory from the Chicago University that explains the occurrence of crime and deviance behaviour as a result of failure by a society to organise its institutions. To research on this theory a research question may be aimed at determining why…
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Theory Research
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Download file to see previous pages e research the social organisation theory and previous research that have been undertaken with regard to this theory, theories related to the social disorganisation discussed in this paper include the gang theory, the concentric zone theory, the cultural transmission theory and the differential social organisation concept.
The Social disorganisation theory depicts that crime occurs as a result of failure by the society to organise its institutions, Assumptions of the social disorganisation theory on crime are that crime is caused by social factors, individuals in the society are unable to resist temptation and that the social structure in the society is unstable, according to the assumptions when crime occurs people blame the perpetrators and don’t blame on social disorganisation in the society, for this reason therefore it is almost impossible to identify the causes of crime.
Robert Sampton (1997) developed the collective efficacy and social capital concepts, according to him collective efficacy referred to the maintenance of order in the society while social capital referred to the informal networks ties that exist in a society. He stated that a society must first achieve social capital in order to achieve collective efficacy, for this reason therefore he supported the social disorganisation theory by stating that modern societies lack social capital and therefore has not achieved social efficacy and this explains the existence of crime.
The gang theory is also another theory that explains social disorganisation in the society. In this theory the various characteristics of gang behaviour include solidarity, shared traditions and cooperation. The theory depicts that gang’s start as groups and collected in certain areas of a society especially area between developed areas, for this reason the presence of gangs can explain the existence of high crime rates in certain regions.
The concentric zone theory also explain the existence of crime due to social ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Theory Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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