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Father Junipero Serra's view on The Ohlone Way - Essay Example

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According to your Excellency’s instruction, I read the book, although with a great deal of hesitation, as it might well be the work of the Devil. More…
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Father Junipero Serras view on The Ohlone Way
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Extract of sample "Father Junipero Serra's view on The Ohlone Way"

Download file to see previous pages . Therefore, I humbly request Your Excellency to treat my Report with utmost secrecy. The name of the book is The Ohlone Way : Life in the San Francisco- Montrrey Bay Area .The authors are Malcolm Margolin, and Michael Harney The latter has also illustrated the book , which is a slim volume of only 174 pages divided into four parts.
The authors start by giving the various Indian tribes such as Sioux, the Novajo and others a single name “Ohlone” The first part of the volume is dedicated to describing the Bay area as we know it now. Without thanking or mentioning our Savior even once, they describe a land of plenty.. The plentiful animal and aquatic life of the area seems to have vanished. at the time the book is written ,two hundred years hence. They write with regret about the wild geese and ducks which are so abundant now that they rise with a noise of thunder at a gunshot. About the grizzly bears, which our Spanish people catch for use in the reprehensible practice of Bear-and –Bull fight they say, “Today there is not a single grizzly left in all of California” (p.8) Their writings show a sympathy for wild animals, birds and aquatic animals which have been created by the Almighty God solely to serve man in his quest for salvation.
More than the animals, it is the life of the savages whom the authors call “Ohlones” which shocks one. The Ohlones , as we already know, are a depraved people, who commit the cardinal sin of worshipping spirits of animals. According to the authors, “But their intimate knowledge of animals did not lead to conquest, nor familiarity breed contempt.” The Ohlones sing and dance at all times, living a life of pleasure, forgetting the next world which awaits them. .Instead of suffering for the sake of the Lord, they enjoy themselves in this world, without a care for the other world.
The authors of the book are corrupted by the Devil. Although they have good, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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