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Exploratory, Descriptive and Causal Research - Essay Example

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75 of the Zikmund text reviewing exploratory, descriptive and causal research. Please answer questions in detail and support your answers with scholarly research citations where appropriate. Each response should be approximately 125 words using…
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Exploratory, Descriptive and Causal Research
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Extract of sample "Exploratory, Descriptive and Causal Research"

Download file to see previous pages imarily desires to develop insights into the problem Exploratory research must be an initial research to be conducted to clarify and then define the nature of a problem (Eden, Herrmann and Li, 2004). This is not supposed to provide conclusive evidence and subsequent research is expected.
Meanwhile, descriptive research as the name implies, intends to describe the nature of business or market characteristics. It can also be used to produce data (Hughes, 2003), enable researchers to recognize associations among factors of interest. On the other hand, descriptive research cannot explicitly establish causal linkages. Mainly, surveys fall in descriptive research.
Similarly, causal research is another type of business research method which aims to discover a cause and effect relationship by generating data beneath controlled conditions. Also it is capable of launching cause and effect between factors with a greater degree of certainty.
The objectives as well as the research design and methods of the research problems stated in a-f, are critically analyzed and categorized according to the definition, classification, purpose, characteristics and outcomes of the three (3) research types - exploratory, descriptive and the causal research.
2. There are instances that the business team might want to find out the relationships of particular causal factors to the effects which they are predicting. In this case, they may utilize the causal research process. At the moment causes of the effects which are desired to be predicted will be fully understood, they can invariably improve the ability both to predict as well as to control the corresponding effects (Feldman, 1975).
The stage in research by which researcher has to know the responses to the “why” questions without arriving to precise answers is part of the exploratory study. It is often the initial move in a series of actions that is planned by the marketing team. Exploratory research usually answers research ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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