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How health psychology research might contribute to solving health problems associated with socioeconomic disadvantage - Essay Example

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Psychology is usually defined by many as being the meditation of thoughts, feelings, as well as different kinds of voluntary and non-voluntary and at times involuntary behaviors. It is the prerogative of an individual to comprehend that psychology which is merely a form of…
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How health psychology research might contribute to solving health problems associated with socioeconomic disadvantage
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Download file to see previous pages These health problems could be understood from a much narrowed down perspective – one that is significant to the whole related discussion. The patients who have socioeconomic disadvantages are the ones who suffer the most because they have lack of resources available at their disposal and this means that they seem to miss out on a number of health benefits which the state (the public sector) or the private sector has brought forward for them.
Socioeconomic disparities could play havoc with the mental and physical self of the patients in a very drastic manner. It hampers the manner under which patients could manifest their health basis with the money that they have to take care of their lingering health related problems. They usually measure up their ailments in the light of the money that they could muster in order to bring a remedy for the same. (Stecklov, 2001) The state has a huge role to play in changing the way people think. This could be done if proper facilities could be made available and if there are adequate arrangements to take care of the potential health threats that the deprived individuals can face with the passage of time.
Research in the health psychology domains would reap rich dividends. The reason for the same is that it will pinpoint the grey areas as well as find out the exact problems that owe a hand or two towards the declining regimes of health basis within the people who are at a socioeconomic disadvantage and loss within any society. It will examine the exact basis of growth within these problems and look to solve the same in the light of the present day case studies. (Repper, 1998) It will seek help from researchers in the same field and understand the rationales behind socioeconomic disparities and how the two work hand in hand (in a negative connotation) towards the deterioration of health standards within a society to say the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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