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The differences between tragedy (the tragic mode) and comedy (the comic mode) lie principally in mood, but there are also differences in the kind of action presented, the issues involved and their importance, and the final outcome or resolution and its effect on the…
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Major essay
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"Major essay"

Download file to see previous pages He is essentially good, nut he, or his ancestors, have broken a moral law – a law of the gods or the state.
Shakespeare’s versatility is expressed through his great works which both involved tragedies and comedies. These included his finest comedies such as Much Ado about Nothing, Twelfth Night and As You like It; his great Roman historical plays such as Julius Caesar and Anthony and Cleopatra; and the tragedies Hamlet, Macbeth and Othello.
In his tragedies, specifically Othello, end in the protagonist being overcome by forces which he opposed or tried to oppose. The protagonist or the tragic hero is a member of the royalty, or occupies a noble position, who has admirable personal qualities. The tragic hero is essentially good, but he, or his ancestors, has broken a moral law – a law of the gods or the state. In this Shakespeare play, we see the tragic hero struggling to avoid the consequences of transgression, but readers will know that his eventual defeat is inevitable, that he cannot avoid the punishment that will come as a consequence of what he has done.
The tragic hero has a fatal defect, a “tragic flaw” which also leads to his downfall. Shakespeare’s Macbeth is excessively ambitious. The “flaw” in his character impels the tragic hero into actions which bring about his destruction.
Although tragedy leaves readers with a sense of loss because the hero in Shakespeare’s plays have shown the readers how noble and good they are and yet have been destroyed or defeated, readers feel a certain kind of satisfaction because they have demonstrated the value of human nature and have shown readers how noble and great a man can be. Readers feel proud of such a man as the tragic hero, readers also feel humbled by the thought that they may not be able to be as heroic as the he was.
Despite commercial consideration and censorship, the achievements of early ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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