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Compare the society and economy of the Mid-Atlantic states with that of New England. Consider the following: land, labor, religion, commerce, the environment, - Essay Example

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Mid-Atlantic States are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York, whereas the New England States include Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. During colonization the Mid-Atlantic States and New England States had diverse societies and…
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Compare the society and economy of the Mid-Atlantic states with that of New England. Consider the following: land, labor, religion, commerce, the environment,
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Extract of sample "Compare the society and economy of the Mid-Atlantic states with that of New England. Consider the following: land, labor, religion, commerce, the environment,"

Download file to see previous pages The Mid-Atlantic States had a more assorted melting pot of cultures than the New England States. The New England States held more of a Puritan faith. These were the colonists that had escaped England for religious freedoms. “In New England, all laws and customs proceed from Biblical texts, and all social arrangements were founded on voluntary covenant” (Stout, 1988, p. 24). On the other hand, the Mid-Atlantic States had a variety of religious affiliation from those of the Jewish faith to Catholics to Quakers. The Mid-Atlantic States were more open to different faiths than the New England States.
One reason the religion varied was the landscape. The New England States were less populated because of the dense forests, mountain regions, and jagged coastlines. This region attracted less people because of the environment. The Mid-Atlantic States were heavily populated. This attracted more cultures to settle the region. Riordan explains the Mid-Atlantic States had an attitude of “intersecting lines of religious, racial, and ethical identity shaped how people understood themselves and their world” (2007, p. 5). This led to a more tolerant view of different cultures.
The commerce also differed between the two regions. The Mid-Atlantic States’ economy was based on trade, fishing, and farming. Trade was important along the rivers, for example “Philadelphia’s massive commercial activity, which moved more than 88,000 tons” (Riordan, 2007, p. 7). The Mid-Atlantic States were a crossroad of river and sea ports for trade. In the New England States trade and farming were the basis of the economy. New England also had raw materials to be traded such as “fish, oil, furs, and timber” (Appelbaum and Sweet, 2005, p. 31). The New Englanders had such successful trade with England, the opposed any war with England for fear it would disturb their economy. New England had more raw materials to send to England than the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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