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Write how these four authors have deliberately broken social concentions and taboos. Describe how this rebellion shows up in their stories - Essay Example

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Kate Chopin opts to go against social conventions by talking openly about female sexual desire and an adulterous encounter that causes more benefit than harm for all of the characters involved. Calixta and Alcee are able to satisfy their unmet sexual needs, Bobinot and Bibi are…
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Write how these four authors have deliberately broken social concentions and taboos. Describe how this rebellion shows up in their stories
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Extract of sample "Write how these four authors have deliberately broken social concentions and taboos. Describe how this rebellion shows up in their stories"

Download file to see previous pages While Clarisse was happy to avoid the conjugal attentions of her husband for a while, Calixta’s husband is seen to patiently and passively wait out the storms of his wife’s passion. Calixta, meanwhile, is seen to take out her passions as well as she may through her domestic responsibilities. This is shown through details such as how she doesn’t even notice the danger as the storm approaches, but stays busily sewing at her desk to the point where sweat begins to drip from her brow. The only reason she notices the storm at all is because the sky becomes dark.
WEB Dubois presents what must have seemed to many at the time to have been a near-impossibility – a Black man with a better grasp of English and grammar than most white people. In his book The Souls of Black Folk, Dubois presents a series of academic essays that demonstrate his high level of education and depth of thought even as he addresses hard topics regarding the condition of black people, particularly those living in the South. In one essay, “On the Training of Black Men,” for example, he presents a well-ordered argument as to why institutions of higher learning needed to be opened for black people as a means of providing teachers of other black students even if the bulk of them are educated for industrial jobs because there weren’t any Southern whites who would be willing to teach them and there weren’t enough Northern whites available to turn the South around. More than simply introducing the argument, Dubois presents a number of academic studies that had been conducted as a means of proving that black people were capable of retaining an education and making successful business people and other professionals.
Also defying social conventions by opening talking about a previously taboo subject, Booker T. Washington uses an easy, flowing style of writing to discuss the laborious path he’d taken to rise from the ranks of slavery to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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