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The central character D-503 is a mathematician and builder of the Integral, a glass space-ship which is being built to travel to other planets to spread the so called joy of the One State. D-503 completely believes in the One State theory, infact he starts to write a diary in…
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Zamyatins We
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Download file to see previous pages Before loving her everything was calm, happy and in perfect order for him, but now he is tormented with emotions of jealousy, anger, agony and fear his calm existence is shattered and he cannot sleep and when he does he is tormented by dreams.
On one such agonized occasion when he has not met I-330 for a long time, he wanders around the glass city seeing and feeling strange things at the time for going to work, which is a crime punishable by death, when S-4711 a guardian who seems to be following him guides him to the medical office. Here D-503 is met by two doctors, 88 and 89 he recognizes one doctor 89 from his previous visit and starts telling him about shadows, a yellow world, insomnia and dreams. The doctor tells him that these signs mean that he has developed an incurable disease, he has developed a soul!
Frightened D-503 asks him about this long forgotten word “soul” and why he has developed it and why no one else has it. The doctor tries to explain him the concept of soul in mathematical terms; he tells him that a soul is like a glass that instead of reflecting the glass had started to absorb things, maybe due to fire that has softened the glass’s surface. Just like D-503 had been softened by the love of I-330. The doctor further says that not everyone has it because the soul has become redundant just like feathers are not needed because man no longer needs to fly as he has invented machines also because he no longer needed to go anywhere as he had arrived in the place he was looking for the ‘perfect’ One State.
The other doctor 88 states that the soul is becoming an epidemic “Extirpate imagination. Nothing but surgery, nothing but surgery will do___" and asks D-503 to become a part of an experiment as “It would be extremely useful to the One State. ... It would help us prevent an epidemic. .. Of course, unless you have some special ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Zamyatin'S We Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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