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Caffeine effect - Essay Example

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In the Cambridge Advance Leaner, the meaning of Caffeine is sighted which refers it a chemical found for example in tea and coffee, which is stimulant that makes…
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Caffeine effect
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Download file to see previous pages Black tea brewed for 4 minutes has 40-100 milligrams. Green tea has one-third as much caffeine as black tea.” (Definition of Caffeine)
The purpose of this essay is to make a reasonable assessment on the subject matter, sighting the roles of Caffeine in the lives of human being, but primarily the essay would focus on its effect, that is the Caffeine effect as the main topic, while my Research will be tagged as ‘The positive and negative effect of Caffeine to the human life.
What ever God in his infinite mercy given to human being, does not primarily given to have negative effects, unless probably while applying it, then people will begin to make misuse of it, and finally reflect back to them the way they have applied it hitherto. To this end, to begin with sighting positive effects which Caffeine brings to our health.
Research has shown that one of the positive effects of Caffeine is that, is increased Human Behavior, especially when an individual consume a little of it, and avoiding over consumption. According to a Research performed in the Cardiff University, at the Center of Health Psychology, of the School of Psychology, researchers have pointed out some key positive effects of Caffeine to human’s health. (The literature suggests that the following effects on behavior of adult humans may occur when individuals consume moderate amounts of caffeine. (1) Caffeine increases alertness and reduces fatigue. This may be especially important in low arousal situations (e.g. working at night). (2) Caffeine improves performance on vigilance tasks and simple tasks that require sustained response”. (Effects of caffeine on human behavior).
Other positive effects of Caffeine to human health include that, as one of the key ingredients of the coffee is Caffeine, thus its gives human being a very good stimulant to the nervous system. Additionally, Caffeine also helps to remedy the cool negative effects to human’s health, diuretics, aspirin, and it’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Caffeine Effect Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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...that can create possible problems for both short term and long term use due to the pharmacokinetics of caffeine and it’s mechanism of action. Caffeine is a stimulant which when it interacts with certain receptors in the body. Specifically, caffeine impacts systems such as the central nervous system and other physiological systems in the body. The typical route of administration is oral and is usually found in consumer food products, but has also been isolated in pill form as well. The chemical nature of caffeine is that it is lipid soluble. Because of this property, caffeine is able to bypass the blood brain barrier and have a direct...
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...: Coffee 13.5 108 Tea 6 48 Energy drinks: Red bull 9.6 80 Rock star 10 160 wired x50s 21 505 jolt coca 11.9 280 foods: chocolates 6 6 medicines: Anacin 32 Cope Midol 32 Aspirin 32 Cafergot 100 Source: extract from: Stephen et al, drug use and abuse, 2007 page 172 Caffeine abuse can start in early childhood among toddlerhood in some families where children are provided with iced coffee beverages or sweetened soft drinks. Hundreds of studies have argued that when caffeine is used in moderate amounts, for example a cup a day, its effects are not serious. However, individuals who take large quantities of caffeine for long periods of time may be faced with serious health...
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Caffeine Abuse be the premier source of caffeine, which are used all over the world because of the "wake-up" effect. Since the available caffeine gets absorbed by your body without much ado and creates a direct impact on cardiovascular and nervous systems, the usual result is increased attentiveness and decreased fatigue. This is the foremost reason why college students don't become able to stay away from developing a bad habit of drinking tea or coffee. But, the range of symptoms caffeine intoxication or caffeine abuse can show up with an ingestion of 100mg of caffeine but 250mg or higher Over the course of my college career I myself have become...
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.... It is a drug of dependence. “Caffeine is a drug that maintains an enigmatic existence somewhere in the middle of lower end of continuum of dependence—producing drugs. It is not readily categorized with known drugs of dependence, such as cocaine, nicotine, heroin and ethanol. On the other hand, caffeine does elicit some effects typical of dependence-producing drugs.”(Gupta, p.143)Does caffeine secure respectability in the culinary culture and acceptance as harmless for human consumption? The answer is in the negative viewed from any angle. Let’s agree that Caffeine is the world’s most popular drug. Though this is mostly related to coffee, it is also...
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Caffeine psychostimulants the body leading to hyperactivity. The hyperactivity referred to in this case is not the activity found in hyperactivity disorder, but rather positive activity. The dopamine released activates the part of the brain associated with alertness and attention, as well as problem solving and pleasure (Russel, 2008). Because of this effect of caffeine, the body becomes hypersensitive to the environment around it and appreciation of the body needs. In this case, the capabilities of the brain are improved and increases as it acts as a stimulant all thanks to the activation of dopamine. The boost increases circulation around the body including the brain, where the brain increases even a larger amount of...
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...Caffeine Caffeine is a crystalline alkaloid which is usually white in color and is derived from tea or coffee. It exists in a group of compounds known as Xanthine. Caffeine is also classified together with amphetamines and cocaine as a nervous system stimulant or an analeptic. Coffee is known worldwide as the biggest source of caffeine. Even though caffeine is also in cola beverages, cocoa, tea and in prescription medications coffee remains to be the only plant with the highest concentration of caffeine. Caffeine just like other drugs stimulates brain functions and excessive consumption can lead to overwhelming...
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