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Chemistry - Essay Example

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according to the measurements given on volume they are accurate according to the minimum readable measurement given by the cylinder. The measurement given on the mass seems…
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Extract of sample "Chemistry"

Download file to see previous pages In his experiment Millikan found out that by repeating the experiment for many droplets, he found out that the values measured were always multiples of the same number. In our ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Chemistry chemistry

... relative to each other (Frederick, 1979, P.105) Magnesium reacts readily with dilute acids to give hydrogen and the corresponding metallic salt. The outer electrons in a Magnesium atom are loosely held and hence can be easily extracted in a metal-acid reaction. (Frederick, 1979, P.107) REFERENCE Frederick, M. (1979). Structure and bonding in solid state chemistry. Halsted... CHEMISTRY QUESTIONS Presented Intramolecular forces operate within the molecules or fundamental units of a substance. This would include the attraction between positive and negative ions in a crystal of an ionic compound, the covalent bonds in a molecular substance as well as the covalent bonds linking atoms in a network structure, such as...
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...te a balanced equation on the effect of an aqueous solution of Pn hydride when in contact with blue litmus paper. (vi) The isotope Pn with 175 neutrons has 6 decays, what would the final product of these changes be. Six decays means loosing six neutrons, and bearing in mind that the number of neutrons is equal to the number of electrons and that the number of electrons is equal to the number of protons then our resulting element will have an atomic number 67-6 = 61. (vii) Is this final product a lanthanide, and actinide, a transition element or a typical element. The final product is an lanthanide due to the atomic number 61. REFERENCE: Theodore Brown, H. Eugene and Bruce E. (2005) Chemistry: The Central Science, Prentice Hall,...
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... to the difference in their atomic structure they show the behaviour of three different functional groups, CHO - Aldehyde, O – Oxide and OH – Alcohol. Sketches of the structure of the three isomers are given below. Vinyl Alcohol Acetaldehyde Ethylene Oxide Note I am unable to sketch in the bond angles. Please draw freehand H-O-H is 105o and R-O-H is 109o References Website: Chapter 4.1: Conformations, accessed on 14 May 2006 from: Website: Hybridisation Carbon, accessed on 14 May 2006 from: Bibliography Book: Johnson, WA; ‘Invitation to Organic Chemistry’, Jones & Barlett, 1999...
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...2.4 2M = 64 M = 32g 2M + O2 M+ O2 (2*16) g = 32g For oxygen 1 : 2 (2/3 * 3.723)g = 2.482 For M (1/3 * 3.723g) = 1.241g 2.482 32g 1.241 ? 32*1.241 2.482 = 16g 32g + 16g = 48 =24g 2 2 M = 24g BIBLIOGRAPHY Hicks, J.Comphrehensive Chemistry.3rd Edition, 1982.Macmillan Education Ltd.London.Pg...
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... Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). 10 June 2006. Sachs GS, Printz DJ, Kahn DA, Carpenter D, Docherty JP. The expert consensus guideline series: medication treatment of bipolar disorder 2000. Postgraduate Medicine, 2000; Spec No:1-104 Tondo, L., Baldessarini, R., Hennen, J., & Floris, G. (1998). “Lithium treatment and risk of suicidal behavior in bipolar disorder patients.” Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 59, 8-19. Ann Arbor. The University of Michigan. October, 2000. Evidence of Brain Chemistry Abnormalities in Bipolar Disorder. Durand, V. M. & Barlow, D. H. 2000. Abnormal Psychology: An Introduction. Scarborough, Ontario: Wadsworth. Glazer WM, Sonnenberg JG, Reinstein M (2005), A novel, "point... and moods of a person could be correlated...
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Organic Chemistry

...these compounds are important to a key understanding of organic chemistry. It is these compounds that are the basis for the reactions and changes that undergo in organic chemical reactions and processes. These processes form the basic make up of our life giving process. Ranging from many chain carbons, to single chain carbons, carbon can form chains which can then react and make up various other process in the world around them. From hydrocarbons to their various functional groups, all off these carbon chains are important to our understanding of the chemical world around us. Important to all life around it, carbon is a versatile and changing element. In order to properly understand life and its reactions and processes,...
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Infra Red Spectroscopy in Chemistry

... Reflectance Infrared Spectromicroscopy as a Rapid, Direct, Non-Destructive Method for the Study of Inks on Paper. [Internet], pp. 1-5. Washington: U.S. Secret Service, Department of Treasury. Available from: <> [Accessed 12 February 2007] Duckworth, J. H. (1998) Spectroscopic Quantitative Analysis in Applied Spectroscopy: A Compact Reference for Practitioners. Academic Press. Hsu, S. C. -P. (n. d.). Handbook of Instrumental Techniques for Analytical Chemistry: Infrared Spectroscopy 15, 243-277. [Internet] Mallinckrodt Baker Division, Mallinckrodt, Inc. Available from: <> [Accessed 10 February, 2007] Hellmut, G...
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Chemistry of the Drug Lithium

...Chemistry of the Drug Lithium Lithium is a naturally occurring, readily commercially available alkali metal with atomic number of 3, designated bysymbol Li, and atomic weight of 6.941. This is a silvery white or gray metal that is solid at 298 K. Looking at the periodic table, lithium is assigned group number 1 and period number 2. Therefore, it is group 1 (IA) element containing just a single valence electron (1S22S1). Lithium, as medically significant, is most commonly available as the carbonate or the citrate salt. These are used as drugs for various medical conditions, especially psychiatric disorders. Commercial synthesis of this drug requires addition of an electron to the poorly electronegative lithium ion (Li... of the...
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...Chemistry Describe the configuration of an atom. An atom is composed of a nucleus. The atom also possesses atomic orbitals and energy levels which are made up of electrons. 2.) Explain the process of radioactive decay which takes place on (^14)(^6)C or what is known as carbon 14. A radio carbon such as carbon 14 will undergo a process of electron mission, therefore losing energy and moving ultimately to a place of chaos or entropy. The following formula will illustrate the radioactive beta decay which will act on carbon 14: ^14_6C------> ^14_7N+e 3). Utilize the S P D orbital system to describe Potassium. An orbital is essentially a theory of something rather than an actual something. This orbital is said to contain electrons...
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...erties (Zhu et al 2006). 4. ILs find use as dispersal agents of paints and even nanomaterials. 5. They are useful in handling gas because of their low vapor pressure and high thermal stability. 6. Microreactors in combination with ILs are used to purify highly reactive organometallic compounds with lower operational risk. 7. ILs are used in batteries as substitutes to water as they increase the battery life because of low rate of evaporation. Commercial potential of ILs as green solvents ILs are effective substitutes to common organic solvents like benzene because of their low volatility. They are useful in extractions by applying phase transfer chemistry. They are used as re-usable catalysts for a number of reactions including...
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... of the of the pH Scale: pH stands for the power of hydrogen and is actually a measure of how acidic or basic a substance is. The pH scale measures the concentration of H+ ions in a solution The scale is divided into fourteen units with zero indicating the highest acidity while fourteen indicating the highest level of basicity. A solution or a substance having 7 pH is said to be neutral or having equal number of H+ and OH- ions. pH is calculated by taking the negative log of the concentration of H+ ions present in a solution. A 1 molar sulfuric acid has a pH of zero while caustic soda or concentrated sodium hydroxide has approximately 14 pH. Substances react differently depending on the pH they have. Solutions having very high... of the of...
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Hard water in Chemistry

...Table of Contents (A)Experiment 2 (B) Laboratory sheet 3 (C How to calculate the concentration of calcium hydroxide 3 Describe the preparation of 100mL phosphate buffer at pH 7.4, starting from H3PO4 solution (1M) and KH2PO4 (FW 136 g/mol). 5 What is the pH of a solution resulting from mixing 100 mL 0.5M NaOH with 500 mL 0.3M HCl? 6 SHORT ESSAY ON HARDWATER 7 Introduction 7 Origin 7 Temporary hardness 8 Permanent hardness 8 Traditional water softening 8 Alternative methods 8 Health Concerns and issue 9 Negative aspect 9 Conclusion 9 APPENDIX 10 References 12 (A) Experiment Name: Titration Required items: A beaker A burette Phenolphthalein HCL solution calcium hydroxide solution Procedure 20 ml of a solution... of...
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...] [CH3CHOH]= 3.16* 10 -7 Percentage error The theoretical concentration is 14 = - log [CH3CHOH] [CH3CHOH] = 1*10-14 Percentage error = (1*10-14 )/ (3.16* 10 -7) = 3.16 * 10 -8 References Atkins, P. Paula, J. (2001). Physical Chemistry. New York: Freeman. Harris, D. C. (2006). Qualitative chemical analysis. New York: Freeman Silbey, R. J. (2004). Physical chemistry. Chicago: Wiley. Garland, C. (2008). Experiments in Physical Chemistry. New York: Wiley and Sons.... report: Ionic equilibria (Word count: 1456) Laboratory report: Ionic equilibria Aim of the experiment. To carry out an acid-base pH titration, plot a suitable graph and determine the concentration of the ethanoic acid solution. Introduction. According to Brønsted-Lowry theory an ac...
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...tures through the process of oxidation (Bishop 78-82). Production of pulp and paper: The manufacturers to meet stringent environmental regulations such as chemical recovery, bleaching, and oxidative extraction use Oxygen. In other contexts, Oxygen is widely used in industries such as metal production, glass manufacturing, metal fabrication, and petroleum recovery and refining. Works Cited Bauer, Richard C, James P. Birk, and Pamela Marks. Introduction to Chemistry. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2013. Print. Bishop, Mark. An Introduction to Chemistry. Monterey, CA: Chiral Publishing, 2006. Print. Weiner, Susan A, and Blaine Harrison. Introduction to Chemical Principles: A Laboratory Approach. Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning, 2010....
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Chemistry of Hazardous Materials

... the effective disposal of the punched container, and containment of any dangerous substances that spilled. The HazMat team is effectively trained on identifying hazardous situations and then adopting appropriate strategies for disposing or containing the hazardous materials (Meyer, 2010). Restraint is very important, so that the other employees are not exposed to the dangerous and hazardous materials that are released. References Eugine, Meyer (2010). Chemistry of Hazardous Materials. NY: Prentice Hall. Chemistry of Hazardous Materials As the Environmental Health and Safety Officer (EH&S) Officer, I am responsible for addressing hazardous situations at the workplace. This is...
2 Pages(500 words)Case Study

Chemistry and Society

.... ACP Press. TANG, Y. (2008). Controlled Delivery of Therapeutic Agents from Polymer-based, in Situ, Gel- forming Systems. ProQuest. TURKINGTON, C., & ASHBY, B. (2007). The encyclopedia of infectious diseases. Infobase Publishing. WATSON, D. G. (2011). Pharmaceutical Chemistry. London, Elsevier Health Sciences UK. WORDPRESSCOM. 2010. O ECOTEXTILES. [Online]. [4 October 2015]. Available from: YOUNGSCIENTISTCOMAU. 2015. Youngscientistcomau. [Online]. [5 October 2015]. Available from: forms/clrlreport.pdf... Chemistry and Society...
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Hazardous Materials Chemistry for Emergency Responders

... of this book becomes readily apparent upon reading this book even from the very start. It attempts to explain complex topics in a very simple manner from the point of view or standpoint of chemistry. The author makes the reader understand how important it is to know various hazards presented by chemicals but uses street chemistry language to make matters easily understandable. The point of the book is to impart important knowledge about hazards and it does this task surprisingly and wonderfully clear. Even an ordinary reader gets away from reading this book with a greatly improved knowledge of various chemical hazards. Most of the topics in this book are organized in a very logical manner so knowledge reading is vastly easier and likely...
6 Pages(1500 words)Book Report/Review

New Physics and Chemistry Discovered at the CERN's Large Hadron Collider

...per Gravity 10-44 - 10-35 1028 GUT era 10-35 - 10-22 1027 Inflationary era 10-22 - 10-10 1015 Radiation era 10-10 - 10-4 1014 – 1012 Heavy Particle era 10-22 - 10 1012 Lepton era 10 - 300 1012 – 1010 Nucleosynthesis The LHC is expected to reach the temperature of the order of 1011 K during the first phase of collisions and hence it is believed that the conditions will be appropriate for the process of nucleosynthesis to set in. Before discussing the initial results reported so far, let us understand both the physics and the chemistry of this fascinating as well as quite significant phenomenon as far as formation of the solar system and existence of life is concerned. Step1: Just after less than one second of the Big Bang, it is...
10 Pages(2500 words)Research Paper

Microbiology and Chemistry, Bacterial and Fungal Infections

...:00 GMT on Thursday 10-April 2014via Moodle. No paper copies will be marked and hence there is no need to submit a paper copy to the School office. Submissions after the deadline has passed will receive a 5% deduction for each working day the essay is late. Ensure answers are concise and note that the layout must not be altered and the page limit (8 pages for the proforma; 10 pages for the whole document) not exceeded; a 10% deduction will be made for such formatting alterations. This proforma contributes to 20% of the overall module mark (for the practical overall - 30%; 20% for the combined chemistry and microbiology component and 10% for the dispensing assessment). 1. Two antibiotic formulations were used during this series...
6 Pages(1500 words)Assignment

Its actually a LAB REPORT for Organic Chemistry 1

...WATER CONTAMINATION: SOURCES, EFFECTS AND TREATMENT SCI 207: Dependence of Man on the Environment Water quality refers to the state of water in terms of its physical and chemical composition. Water is considered safe for consumption in its pure state. Water treatment seeks to restore the natural state of water by removing the impurities that are contained in water. This practical aimed at finding the effect of contaminants on ground water quality as well as the effectiveness of activated charcoal, alum and bleach in treating water. It also sought to compare the purity of bottled and tap water by determining their pH, chloride ion, phosphate ion, iron ion and ammonia concentrations using test strips. The three types of water... CONTAMINATION:...
7 Pages(1750 words)Lab Report
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