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Great Gatsby, Animal farm or When I Whistle - Essay Example

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They use similar themes and outcomes. Orwells Animal Farm: A Fairy Story uses the first protagonist, Old Major to establish the dream for the reader,…
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Great Gatsby, Animal farm or When I Whistle
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"Great Gatsby, Animal farm or When I Whistle"

Download file to see previous pages Using Nicks perceptions, the writer suggests the distortion and betrayal of that dream. Gatsby pursues wealth and possessions in order to realize his dream of regaining a lost love, a mere illusion. The opulent society in which they exist looks down on ordinary people in the Valley of Ashes (symbol of dirt and poverty). The antagonist, Tom Buchanan shows us, by how he lives, that he has corrupted the dream, destroyed its integrity, has changed and hardened,
Both Orwell and Fitzgerald have included a political aspect, of their respective societies; Animal Farm reflecting how Communism destroyed the socialist dream, Gatsby, how the wealthy have distorted the pure ideal of Capitalism. Using the words, thoughts and actions of their characters, they present their views, with dramatic effects both on the stories and their readers. The action drives forward to bitter endings in both instances. While time and place are important, the issues of evil, loss, tragedy and corruption transcend - they can happen anytime, anywhere. Both stories represent telling social and moral comment on how power and wealth can destroy societys
In Animal Farm, the writer narrates, outside of the action, an apparently unbiased observer. Despite the animals talking like humans, his clarity of language makes this acceptable. When Old Major dreams, then teaches the animals Beasts of England, asking them to seek freedom, to revolt, the seed is planted for protagonists and reader, signaling the future.
Orwell depicts the dreams erosion, introducing evil, using Napoleons antagonistic grasp of power, showing other animals, the dogs, as tools used to banish Snowball. Squealer and Napoleon are the devices by which the writer shows how power can corrupt, how animals/people can be duped. Boxer the horse demonstrates this, declaring Napoleon is always right, despite killings and punishments meted out, allegedly for supporting Snowball, who is also blamed when ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... of the population is stifled through torture and other life-threatening procedures. I entirely agree with the views of Orwell on Capitalism and Communism and share his grief over the failure of Democratic Socialism as well. This brand of political system is dear to his heart. The “Powerful Chairs” (Politicians, administrators and military generals) continue to suppress the “Chair less Powers” (the common citizens). No Politician are not willing to vacate the chair because they always have a fear that if they are out of power, the next rulers may use the same oppressive methods against them, to rule over them. Works Cited Orwell, George. Animal Farm: A Fairy Story, A Novel. n. d. London, Secker and Warburg, 1945... Macro & Micro economics,...
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...and Snowball. Evidently, the book portrays how power may corrupt a society as when the animals took over leadership of the farm the pigs felt that they were more superior to the other animals. Another theme dominant in the novel is the lies anddeceit themes as used by Napoleon in the execution of his dictatorial leadership. Therefore, lies and deceit serve as avenues for the acquisition of more power as the pigs convince the other animals that some events did not occur in order for them to continue exercising leadership. Another theme evident in the Animal Farm book is the theme of foolishness as the other...
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...and Animal Farm, the main characters fail in their endeavors thanks to flaws in their own characters that make it impossible for them to succeed in their goals. In The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby has set his sights on winning back the only girl he ever felt he loved. Because Daisy is already married to Tom when Gatsby returns from the war and because she has always been a child of privilege, Gatsby reasons that the best way to win her back is to be rich and to have flashier things than those of her husband. Toward that end, Gatsby gets involved in the illegal bootlegging business during...
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The Great Gatsby, Animal Farm or When I Whistle
...Expressing Failure: Jay Gatsby & Napoleon In the early years of the 20th century, F. Scott Fitzgerald and George Orwell wrote two very different books that focused on the disastrous effects failure can have when it is committed by a powerful person. Failure plays a significant role in most of the great classical tragedies, usually as the result of a tragic flaw. Both Fitzgerald and Orwell take advantage of this concept of a fatal flaw in the development of their characters Jay Gatsby in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and Napoleon in Orwell’s Animal Farm. In The Great...
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Animal Farm
...the animals from questioning his rule. He trains a force of dogs for the implementation of his laws and he even issues orders for killings those animals that are not loyal to him. The authority and the fear of the dogs is seen in these lines, “they had come to a time when no one dared speak his mind, when fierce, growling dogs roamed everywhere, and when you had to watch your comrades torn to pieces after confessing to shocking crimes.”(Orwell 1954). The animals were under threat and they feared for their life owing to which they remained passive and faced all the brutalities that were imposed on them. Thus, force is a factor used by...
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Animal Farm
...Task: Napoleon after banning Snowball Summary Napoleon was a prominent pig in the novel animal farm because he often got things done his way. He received attention from other animals due to his active involvement in debates. Throughout the novel, the sheep were Napoleon’s most important tools of propaganda to gain power because they supported his decisions. Snowball shared a position of leadership with Napoleon but the two rarely agreed. This is because snowball was a good speaker making him to gain a lot of support from other animals compared to Napoleon. Napoleon claimed that all the ideas that Snowball presented, were his creations. This made him to get rid of...
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Animal farm
...the subjects while Old Major represents V. I. Lenin and the rebellion is the Bolshevik Revolution. Chapter 2 1. Old Major’s death did not end the rebellion, but instead it aggravated it. 2. Old Major’s speech gave the animals a different outlook in life. The pigs began organizing and teaching others about the rebellion. 3. Napoleon and Snowball. Napoleon is fierce and large with a penchant of getting things done. Snowball on the other hand, is impressive in speech and very inventive. 4. Squealer is very persuasive and a great talker. 5. Animalism can be compared to communism in Russia. Communism advocated for workers to rise against oppressors. The same way, all...
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