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Chemistry questions - Essay Example

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6. Select from the list a meso compound. (Hint: As an alternative to making models, you may find it helpful to assign R and S configurations to both of the central carbon atoms in each of the structures.)
9. at 298 K, a solution of phenolphthalein in a 40-fold excess of hydroxide ion starts off as a pink solution but gradually turns colorless as it reacts with OH(aq)…
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Chemistry questions
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pseudo-order rate constant = average of the rate constant (-0.00459)
Section 3
12. Which of the transformations shown is a substitution reaction
A substitution reaction is one in which a functional group is replaced by another in a chemical reaction, functional group are a group of atoms within a molecule that are responsible for chemical reactions, therefore the substitution reaction is
13. Which of the transformations shown is an addition reaction
An additional reaction is one in which one or more molecules combine to form a new and larger molecule and this in turn reduces the degree of unsaturation, they are the reverse of an elimination reaction, our answer is
14. Statement 1 Reaction 17A will proceed faster than reaction 17B. (Assume the same concentrations of substrate and reagents.)
Statement 2 Reaction 17A will proceed mainly via an SN2 mechanism whereas Reaction 17B will proceed mainly via an SN1 mechanism.
D Both statements are true but Statement 2 is not a correct explanation of Statement 1.
15. Statement 1 Reaction 18 will give product 18A rather than product 18B.
Statement 2 Elimination by the E2 mechanism proceeds via an antiperiplanar conformation.

You are asked first to decide whether each statement of the pair is true or false, and then, if both statements are true, to decide...
The change of concentration of phenolphthalein (phth) with time is given in the table shown.
A substitution reaction is one in which a functional group is replaced by another in a chemical reaction, functional group are a group of atoms within a molecule that are responsible for chemical reactions, therefore the substitution reaction is
An additional reaction is one in which one or more molecules combine to form a new and larger molecule and this in turn reduces the degree of unsaturation, they are the reverse of an elimination reaction, our answer is
19. The following questions concern the molecules SF4 (central atom S) and BrF3 (central atom Br). In order to answer these questions, you will find it useful to use VSEPR theory to determine the shapes of SF4 and BrF3, and also to find the symmetry elements in both species and determine the point groups.
23. Four reagents in the Key for Q32 are employed in a sequence of reactions (steps 1, 2, 3 and 4) to convert m-bromonitrobenzene into m-bromobenzoic acid (32). Reagents B and D are used for steps 1 and 2 respectively. In the spaces in the Key, type the appropriate labels of the two reagents most suitable for steps 3 and 4.
25.Select the most likely structure for the compound that gives rise to the 13C NMR spectrum with peaks at the following positions (given as /ppm) with the off-resonance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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