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Listening Response Beatles - Essay Example

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The Beatles is an English rock band which has extensively influenced the young generation of the modern world and the culture of the nation. "Strawberry Fields Forever" has been celebrated by several critics as one of the best recordings by the band and the listening of the song soothes the mind as some hallucinogenic drugs…
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Listening Response Beatles
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Extract of sample "Listening Response Beatles"

Listening Response- Beatles The Beatles is an English rock band which has extensively influenced the young generation of the modern world and the culture of the nation. "Strawberry Fields Forever" has been celebrated by several critics as one of the best recordings by the band and the listening of the song soothes the mind as some hallucinogenic drugs. No doubt, the song is considered one of the essential compositions of psychedelic rock style. The nostalgic effect of the song has been proficiently created mainly by the beauty of the sound, the extraordinary sequence of the musical tones, the use of multi-layered instruments and their effects, the remarkable revise to give special musical effects etc. In short, the song is appropriately recognized as one of the most complex recordings by the Beatles and the extensive overdubbing and editing has not weakened the effect. On the contrary, as Brennan remarks, it has created "the right setting for a very good song." (Brennan) The overall magical effect of the song is intensified by the sound pattern and the most appreciable feature of the song is the creation of a kind of 'sound picture' in the composition which reflects the feelings of the composer.
The other chief characteristics of the song includes its orchestral music, the unusual instruments in lieu of the traditional vocal and musical styles, and sound effects such as cymbals recorded and played backward. According to Roberts, "Strawberry Fields Forever," written by Lennon, evokes the feeling of the flower shows in the Salvation Army Camp, conducted every summer. "His words and music are like a lighthearted walk through a summer garden." (Roberts, 67) Unlike any other rock 'n' roll song of the past, "Strawberry Fields Forever" exploited the recording technology as well as creativity to the maximum.
To speak specifically about the composition of the song "Strawberry Fields Forever," it is important to note that Lennon was particular about the lyrics to be like a conversation. In the song, one finds the exceptional end rhyme in verse B, which is a pioneer-attempt of the sort, as well as internal rhyme in the chorus. For most part of the song, the text flows without restraint, "giving rise to a highly irregular rhythm and meter as the singer disagrees with himself while performing, clarifying his message as he goes along voicing colloquial 'you know's to his confidant." (Everett, 75) In the poetic images of the song, one finds an ultimate feeling of a youth's awakening to his realization about the higher plane of knowledge in comparison with the people around him, which made the composer a stranger to the world rather than a superior being. Thus, the identity crisis of Lennon is clearly reflected in the overall images, mood, and feeling of the song.
The composition of the song attracts the listeners in the sense that the dexterous organization of the words and music helps the composer pass on his idea and feeling to the listeners. In fact, the composer places his childhood and adolescent memories in the background of a dream. Nothing is real to the composer which makes him "ambivalent about his anxiety and express resignation at not being understood, shrugging off his vexation" (Everett, 75) The composition exactly reflected the feelings of the composer and the music and the words were essentially joined to produce one of the most influential songs of the new generation. In short, through the several magnificent compositions like "Strawberry Fields Forever," the Beatles preached and disseminated a counterculture, whose cherished value was "its insistence on sharing, communality, a rejection of the retreat into private satisfaction." (Greenfield, 58)
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