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American Ideals by a Founding Father - Essay Example

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Thomas Jefferson is the third President of the United States and is famously known as the author of Declaration of Independence. He was interested in writing and music and was also a philosopher, scientist, politician and architect. Three of his most significant contributions to American ideals are The Declaration of Independence, the acquirement of Louisiana Purchase and naissance of the University of Virginia.
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American Ideals by a Founding Father
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Extract of sample "American Ideals by a Founding Father"

Download file to see previous pages This declaration comprised of Thomas's ideals.
His second and the most important accomplishment was the Louisiana Purchase. This land was previously occupied by France but now due to Thomas Jefferson's efforts it is a part of the United States. It is approximately one third of the present United States. Louisiana was important to United States because it was located at the Mississippi border which majorly carried out the US trade.
Free public education had always been one of Thomas Jefferson's dreams and the University of Virginia is the result of it. It was inaugurated in 1825 and welcomed deserving students both wealthy and poor. He is known as the father of institution for his efforts to renew to university curriculum. (Norman, Pierson, 1917)
Nations can attain independence without declaration of independence too like acts of heroism and deceit, military revolt, civil strife etc. but it is not that effective as that which is achieved through proper agreements. The Declaration of Independence was presented by Thomas Jefferson and it revolutionized the American history and paved way for their success. The ideals and the philosophy of independence were already presented by John Locke and the Continental philosophers and hence it was not new. The efforts made by Thomas Jefferson actually mobilized the aims of the previous philosophers. He put forward the injustices of the government and the king and made the world look at the conflicts that existed between the different colonies and the mother country. It was accepted and hence it became one of the most important documents in the history of America.
After its success the Americans were at liberty and they were no longer under the British rule. It has formed the American government's structure. After the Declaration of Independence the Americans were able to achieve their goals without any hindrance or difficulty. They were free and respectable citizens and were no longer slaves. (Francis, Cogliano, 2006)
According to Barak Obama, the true test of an American ideal is whether they recognize their failings and struggle to fight with them or not. Whether we are able to counter the challenges of time. It is up to the nation to determine whether they allow the events and history to shape the future or control and maneuver them in such a way that they are in their favor. Whether chance of birth decides the winners or whether everyone has a chance to achieve their goals.
This quotation gives a clear view of the American ideals dreams and policies. It indicates that the American ideals are very ambitious people. They don't let the events or their dark history affect their future. On the contrary they take the matter and in their own hands and shape their future according to their dreams. The race or class difference has no effect on their lives whatsoever. It is the goal and ambition of an individual that matters the most and their efforts are not tarnished by their class or background. Their main goal is the achievement of their dreams. (Kelly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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American Ideals by a Founding Father Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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