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Analysis of larval development in Nebria brevicollis (F.)
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Extract of sample "Analysis of larval development in Nebria brevicollis (F.)"

Boniface Mutinda Order No. 126005 Analysis of larval development in Nebria brevicollis (F b) Thenumber of larval stages could probably be 3 in number.

c) Headwidth ranges are
Stage 1; 0.55 to 1.30
Stage 2; 1.31 to 1.70
Stage 3; 1.71 to 2.30
Answer to question 2.
The head width of different stages differs significantly. Since, in the first stage the head width range is 0.8 and in the second stage, the range is 0.4 and in third stage the range is 0.6.
Stage1; 1.30 - 0.55=0.80
Stage 2; 1.70-1.30=0.40
Stage 3; 2.30-1.70=0.60
This means that the maximum head width in the first stage differs by approximately 0.4 from the second stage while the maximum head width in the second stage differs by approximately 0.5 from the third stage.

Maximum stage 2 - Maximum stage 1
1.70-1.30 =0.40
Maximum stage 3- maximum stage 2
Answer to question3)
The probable duration of each larval instar in months is as follows;
First stage takes 3 months September to November and in case of late mating it will extend to December that is why the head width range of 0.55 to 1.30 has zero number of larvae during the month of January to April.
Stage 2 takes almost 2 months December to January and up to February in case.
Of late mating.
Stage 3 takes almost 2 months February to March and up to April in case of late maturation.
The adult stage begins in the month of April to May.
The pupal stage takes 2 months.
Nelemans, M.N.E 1988: Surface activity and growth of larvae of Nebria brevicollis (F) (Coleoptera, Carabidae).Neth. J. Z001.38:74-95. Read More
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