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Rescheduling Interviews for the Accounting positions - Essay Example

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Rescheduling Interviews for the Accounting positions
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Extract of sample "Rescheduling Interviews for the Accounting positions"

Memorandum Mr. Fred Knox ----------------- Oct. 5, 2006 Rescheduling Interviews for the Accounting positions
As desired by your goodself, Interviews for the post of Accountant, to be held this Friday, are now being rescheduled in view of your impending visit to Halifax for the coming weekend. Interviews are now proposed to be held on Oct. 14, 2006. Following short-listed candidates are to appear for the interview;
Mr. Geraldine Simpson at 09.30 AM
Mr. Paul Scheffel at 10.30 AM
Mr. Mark Cunnigham at 11.30 AM
I have personally spoken to each candidate and taken their consent for the new date and timings.
I have prepared a summery with brief relevant information regarding the background of each candidate. This should provide you with some idea about the potential and caliber of the candidates.
Mr. Geraldine Simpson is having a BA degree with eight years of experience in payroll accounting.
Mr. Paul Scheffel, has been an accountant for 15 years with Bechtel Corporation.
Mr. Mark Cunnigham, is a CPA and a consultant to many companies.
Sir, I have also checked up with Mr. Don Stastry, Operations Personal Officer for his availability on Oct. 14. He has also given his consent for being present to assist you during the interviews.
Approval is sought for this revised Interview schedule so that it can be communicated to all concerned.
Wishing you a great weekend trip to Halifax. Read More
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