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A word document

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Download file to see previous pages Include a bulleted list of all the months of the year followed by numbered list of the days of the week and table which shows how many days are in each month of the year. The table should be formatted to Times New Roman, font size 12.
xiv. Since the text so far has been left aligned, but this requirement asked me to align one sentence on right. I wrote the sentence and pressed the 'right align' tab on top of the file. Alternately I can do Ctrl>r as well. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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See Below. I also have a Word Document which has research notes

...212232 ANALYSIS As we all are aware, there are many differences between a hobby and business. There is a clear demarcation between the two; but it blurs at times. From the tax angle all the financial activities should be reported from whichever source they are derived, deducting the usual expenses and showing the rest as income. The question here is whether your horse farm falls under the category of HOBBIES or BUSINESS and to do so, it is necessary to understand the difference between the two from the tax standpoint. In a business, all income is reported; but the expenses too are taken into consideration and there are provisions of saving for the future on tax-deductible basis. A profitable hobby, if it remains so, naturally... ANALYSIS As...
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Too long to write adding it in a word document

...Essay Examining the history of certain U.S. Supreme Court rulings brings to mind the baseball cliché that “it’s not over until it’s over.” But unlike baseball, the Court works with rules that frequently change for many reasons, including because the umpires themselves have changed. Consider Slaughterhouse Cases, an 1873 ruling that addressed whether a certain Louisiana meatpacking law was in violation of the 13th and three clauses of the 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Included in the Slaughterhouse Court’s 26,000 word opinion and three dissents were three brief references to Dred Scott v. John Sanford, a case the Court had decided 16 years earlier.1 The two cases seem to have little in common. Dred Scott...
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World Literature (See attched Word Document for insutruction)

...1. In the Book of Job divine justice is defined by the “fear of God.” Job is described as one who lives righteously and who sacrifices to God. Inthe eyes of God, he is fair and is rewarded because of it. The comparison is to Satan, who speaks to God about Job. God tells him that the fear of power and the ability to eschew evil leads to divine justice. As Job is tested with this, he continues to believe in God and fear his justice, which allows him to regain his life and to be rewarded. The Eumenides refers to human justice based on Orestes’ murder of his mother. Human justice is defined as one that takes vengeance on those that have done wrong against other. This moves into human injustice, which states that the murder... In the Book...
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Access Database Skills and Word Document

...Database of December Introduction In this paper the complete design and implementationof database for Zero’s Skate Shop is discussed. The RDBMS used is Microsoft Access 2010. The database design comprises of 4 tables and 4 queries with input forms. The database is capable of storing complete information of the daily business. This report describes the features and specifications of the database design formulated for a scenario named “Zero’s Skate Shop”. This design is implemented using MS-Access 2010. The database design comprises of four tables. The description of tables is given in Table 1.1. List of tables in the database. Table 1.1 Customers This table contains the detailed information about the customers and acts as a master...
7 Pages(1750 words)Assignment

Complete the following assignment using APA format and attach as a Microsoft Word document:

...Annotated Bibliography Hahn-Smith, .M. & Smith, J.E. (2001). The positive influence of maternal identification on body image, eating attitudes, and self-esteem of Hispanic and Anglo girls. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 29 (4), 429-440. Maternal identification was positively correlated with girls self-esteem and negatively correlated with eating problems and body dissatisfaction. Also, mothers with high self-esteem tended to have daughters with high self-esteem. The mothers of girls with tow BES scores found a significantly greater discrepancy than the mothers of girls with high BES scores when contrasting their daughters current shape with either the ideal figure for their daughter or the figure they believed boys... Bibliography...
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I would like you to open a Word document and in no more than 300 words describe your initial impressions of digital imagery compared with that of analogue imagery. Any photographers referenced should be noted. Your document should include processes, wo

... Digital Imagery versus Analogue of Learning Digital Imagery versus Analogue Granted, the quality of image produced by a digital camera is better than that of an analogue. A close look at the concepts of digital noise and film grain that are associated with digital and analogue cameras respectively sheds light on this argument. While film grain can have an effect on the nature of image an analogue camera can produce, digital noise remains as noise alone and never impacts on the quality of the image a digital camera produces. While digital cameras will hardly exhibit digital noise in their pictures, the film grains of an analogue camera are able to affect negatively the image produced by this type of camera. As such, when one... Digital...
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Complete the following problems in a Word document and Submit through this drop box

...Page 148 #6, 8, 10, 14, 16 6. Weather A WeatherBug forecast for the home was d as: “Chance of rain: 80%.” P(Rain) = 0.80 8. Births Whena baby is born, there is approximately a 50-50 chance that the baby is a girl. P(Girl) = 0.50 10. Roulette When playing roulette in the Mirage Casino, you have 18 chances out of 38 of winning if you bet that the outcome is an odd number. P(Odd Number) = 18/38 ≈ 0.4737 14. Identifying Probability Values a. What is the probability of an event that is certain to occur? The probability of an event that is certain to occur is 1. b. What is the probability of an impossible event? The probability of an impossible event is 0. c. A sample space consists of 10 separate events that are equally likely... 148 #6, 8, 10,...
2 Pages(500 words)Speech or Presentation

Directions in the Word document

... Chinese after the Gold Rush era The true image of the United s can be seen considering the arrival of Chinese to LosAngeles, which came with, much criticism and stereotype from the whites. There was segregation of the Chinese from the rest of the settlers who did not speak English. The Chinese arrival was because of the presence of gold fields in California and eventually, they became recruits in the railroad works. This period known as the gold rush era, the agreement with the white labor unions was that they were to return home when they got enough money. The hard work of the Chinese made them get a lot of rebellion from the white labor unions because they got a lot of publicity from the media, as well as claims that they were... Chinese...
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Cultural Foundation - I will upload them in word document

... Cultural Foundation One of the most creative and incredible of ancient texts is Homer. He employs realism in his works thus bringing literature. Homer is considered the greatest author of ancient Greeks epic poems. This makes Homer the first author I would go for to give me my final grade in this course. In the Iliad, Homer brings out several themes that are characteristic of the human nature. The author brings out themes such as rage and anger, courage, religion and love. Homer can be seen as a writer who communicates issues of the ancient world through his literature. He would therefore, grade me based on how I comprehended his poetic texts For my grade, Homer would give me an A in cultural foundation. This is based on my... Cultural...
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Contract Law 2014-2015 Assesment problem with case history I will supply case history as a word document

...that it should serve as the binding role once it gets accepted by the individual to whom it’s addressed. An offer can be directed to a single person or to a specific group of individuals. The Brian vs. EverEager is based on a single person. An offer is usually made by either words or by conduct. In the case study, Brian is handed the document by the assistant of the mobile phone company EverEager, he goes through it and signs. This offer is done by written words. Acceptance An acceptance refers to the final and absolute expression of agreement to the terms and conditions of the offer. In this case there ought to be an objective expression, by the receiver of the offer, of a will to be...
10 Pages(2500 words)Essay
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