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Identify master Dissertation Topic ONLY .. In Subject of (( Total Quality management Strategic Quality management ) in AD police department - Essay Example

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Identify master Dissertation Topic ONLY .. In Subject of (( Total Quality management Strategic Quality management ) in AD police department
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Extract of sample "Identify master Dissertation Topic ONLY .. In Subject of (( Total Quality management Strategic Quality management ) in AD police department"

The possible topics for dissertation on the functioning of Abu Dhabi Police could be To examine if there has been a significant impact of The Abu Dhabi Police Strategic Plan 2008-2010 on the overall improvement in the law and order system in the UAE.
2. To examine if TQM can be achieved in Abu Dhabi Police through conventional /militaristic concepts of organization or through modern, democratic style of functioning.
3. To analyze if a performance evaluation based on 360-degree feedback would be more effective in boosting employee morale than a conventional/ traditional performance appraisal.
4. To examine the role of public cooperation and coordination in helping the Abu Dhabi police discharge their duties.
5. To examine the role of public cooperation and coordination in implementing The Abu Dhabi Police Strategic Plan 2008-2010.
6. To examine if the introduction of video conferencing systems in the functioning of Abu Dhabi Police has given an edge to the Police Department
7. To analyze if continuous and practical trainings in the use of IT equipment has an impact on the efficiency of Abu Dhabi Police.
8. To examine if the introduction of ERP in Abu Dhabi Police has brought about seamless integration across the Abu Dhabi Police force.
9. To examine if an IT enabled Police Department can be more effective in critical situations and emergencies or whether traditional methods of functioning are better than an entire department dependent on machines that could be prone to a virus attack
10. To analyze if the introduction of hand held devices as an aid to their work has had an impact on the motivation levels of the lower levels of staff (Deputy and below) in the Abu Dhabi Police . Read More
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