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Strategy Implementation and Control IP - Essay Example

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Able Corporation (Able) is a successful US manufacturing company located in Tennessee that builds power tools, lawn mowers, lawn furniture, microwaves, and ranges. All products are manufactured locally and sold through large retailers like Sears, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart…
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Strategy Implementation and Control IP
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Extract of sample "Strategy Implementation and Control IP"

Running Head: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Strategic Management Mergers and Acquisitions Contents
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Introduction ....
Outline: Business Plan ....
Conclusion .....
References ........
Able Corporation (Able) is a successful US manufacturing company located in Tennessee that builds power tools, lawn mowers, lawn furniture, microwaves, and ranges. All products are manufactured locally and sold through large retailers like Sears, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart. Although it has a thriving business in the US and Canada, Able is trying to break into the global marketplace.
This report provides an outline of Able's Business Plan for the Strategic Officers Steering Committee of Walden International (Able's parent company) before commencing work on the final Business Plan.
Outline: Business Plan
The proposed business plan shall be structured as below (Berry, 2008; Business Plan for Established Business, 2003).
1.0 Executive Summary
This section provides an overall summary of the new business venture. Support required from the holding company is identified in this section.
2.0 Company Summary
2.1 Mission Statement
2.2 Objective of the New Business
2.3 Company Ownership
2.4 Company History
2.5 Company Locations and Facilities
2.6 Strengths and Core Competencies
3.0 Products and Services
3.1 Product and Service Description
3.2 Competitive Comparison
3.3 Sourcing
3.4 Technology
3.5 Future Products and Services
4.0 Marketing Plan
4.1 Market Research
4.1.1 Industry Facts
4.1.2 Market Size and Growth
4.1.3 Market Share (Current and Target)
4.1.4 Market Trends
4.1.5 Demand and Supply (History And Forecast)
4.2 Industry Analysis
4.2.1 Competitive Situation Analysis
Product Classification
Main Competitors
Competitive Environment (Porters 5-Forces)
4.2.2 Pestle (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental) Analysis
4.2.3 Swot (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) Analysis
5.0 Marketing Strategy (Kotler & Armstrong, 1995)
5.1 Positioning (Target Customers)
5.2 Pricing Strategy
5.3 Promotion Strategy (Advertising, Budget)
5.4 Distribution Patterns (Location, Channels)
5.5 Sales Forecast
5.6 Strategic Alliances
5.7 Milestones
6.0 Operational Plan
6.1 Production
6.1.1 Production Techniques And Equipment
6.1.2 Production Costs
6.1.3 Quality Control
6.1.4 Customer Service
6.1.5 Product Development
6.2 Location
6.2.1 Production Shop
6.2.2 Warehouse
6.2.3 Office Details
6.2.4 Ownership
6.2.5 Accessibility
6.3 Legal
6.3.1 Permitting and Licensing
6.3.2 Health, Safety, and Environment
6.3.3 Insurance
6.3.4 Intellectual Property Rights, Patents, and Trademarks
6.4 Personnel
6.4.1 Organizational Structure
6.4.2 Employees Details (Number, Types, Qualification, Experience)
6.4.3 Operation/ Shift Timings
6.4.4 Hiring Plan
6.4.5 Pay Structure
6.4.6 Training And Development
6.4.7 Job Description
6.4.8 Systems And Procedures
6.4.9 Professional and Advisory Support.
6.5 Inventory
6.5.1 Types of Inventory (Raw Material, Finished Good, Work-In-Progress)
6.5.2 Inventory Period, And Volumes
6.5.3 Seasonal Buildups
6.5.4 Re-Ordering Mechanism
6.6 Suppliers
6.6.1 Details of Major Suppliers
6.6.2 Types of Suppliers
6.6.3 History and Reliability
6.6.4 Supplier Qualification.
6.7 Credit Policies
6.7.1 Credit Terms (Buyers and Suppliers)
6.7.2 Industry Norms
6.7.3 Monitoring Of Credit Ageing
6.7.4 Discounts for Early Payments (Buyers and Suppliers)
6.7.5 Creditworthiness Checks
6.7.6 Working Capital and Costs
6.7.7 Recovery Systems
8.0 Financial Plan
8.1 Important Assumptions
8.2 Capital Investment
8.3 Break-Even Analysis
8.4 Projected Profit And Loss
8.5 Projected Cash Flow
8.6 Projected Balance Sheet
8.7 Business Ratios
8.8 Long-Term Plan
8.9 Funding Requirement
9.0 Appendix
9.1 Product Drawings
9.2 Product Brochures/ Catalogues
9.3 Product Data Sheets
9.3 Sales Literature
9.4 Works Layout Plan
This report identifies the major parts of the business plan required for launching Able's proposed global business. The major sections of the report include Company Summary, Products and Services, Marketing Plan, Marketing Strategy, Operational Plan, and Financial Plan. An Executive Summary provides the overview of the business plan.
Berry, T., (2008). A Standard Business Plan Outline. Retrieved May 23, 2009, from
Business Plan for Established Business. (2003). In SCORE: Counselors to America's Small Business. Retrieved May 23, 2009, from
Kotler, P. & Armstrong, G., (1995). Principles of Marketing. 6th ed. NJ: Prentice-Hall International, Inc. Read More
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