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The Use of the Draft by the United States of America - Thesis Proposal Example

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In the report, it is stated that the last time the draft was used in the United States of America (USA) was during the Vietnam War and the end of the war saw the end of the draft in 1973…
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The Use of the Draft by the United States of America
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Download file to see previous pages The nation has paid a price for this in terms of the efficacy of its military actions and the results of the military interventions forced on it as the keeper of world peace. It is well past the time when the policy of an all-volunteer army is revisited, and the draft at 18 is reinstated for the peace in the world and satisfaction of achieving responsibilities felt at home.
The demise of the Soviet Union has raised the stakes of the U.S. as the sole military and economic superpower in the eyes of the world, with the added responsibility of providing freedom and justice and maintaining peace in the world. Such a pragmatic vision was held out by the Presidential candidate George W. Bush in 1999, “For America, this is a time of unrivaled military power, economic promise, and cultural influence” (Campbell & O’Hanlon, 2006, p.28). The new millennium was to witness this drive in terms of national security and responsibility to the world.
Citizens of the U.S.A have never fought a war on their land for the mere safety of family, home and country, save during the War of Independence to remove the yoke of colonialism. During the War of Independence, there was no requirement for conscription, as men believed it was their obligation, as bravery and valor flowed in their blood. The all-volunteer army is a reflection of the erosion in such values and the belief that military service is an obligation of the men of the nation (Bailey, 2009). Opposing the draft and support for the all-volunteer army reinforces the consideration that the present generation has gone soft with easy living. Do we want our wives to wake up one morning with the realization that her husband sleeping next to her is a coward, unwilling to fight to protect her children, home, and country? Or do we want our children to grow up to the realization that we were yellow-livered chickens? Let’s shed our looking for the easy way of life and demonstrate a willingness to be responsible for family and home, not merely in materialistic things, but also in true values and principles, built on the blood of our forefathers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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