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Active Range of Motion in the Cervical Spine Increases - Article Example

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The study seeks to validate the fact outside the chiropractic profession. The study must be seen as an academic exercise. It cannot change the facts if the healing exists. Also, the study may be more appropriate to establish how the healing takes place…
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Active Range of Motion in the Cervical Spine Increases
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Download file to see previous pages This is considered in general to be worthwhile. The participants are the result of an advertising effort. It is known that there were 109. It should be possible to know how many were available. These participants chose themselves. It would have been better if they were chosen from a pool as determined by the researchers.
It shows the Chiropractors doing the actual testing. Maybe they should have supervised the tests rather than be actually doing them. Then the instrument readings should be interpreted by the chiropractors. In addition, there should be interpretations by other competent professionals. The interpretation of the two professionals should be considered.
The F-distribution is helpful in measuring the ranges of the population. This choice presupposes that there is a difference in the ranges between the participants. The variances can be considered against some other standard or expected data.
There were Chiropractors doing the manipulation. It is not clear if the same type of posture was used in the uncontrolled studies. Different types of studies of necessity will provide different results. The uncontrolled study seems to be investigating a change in motion. This controlled study is designed to observe a change in motion. In addition, this controlled study seeks to observe an additional result. It seeks to establish the length of time after the observed change in motion. There is no provision made for the level of pain experienced. How would we measure the pain level from slight to severe?
The participants were selected based on the report of the participants. Headaches can be caused and relieved by factors other than movement. There is no indication that the headaches were verified by a professional. The possible difficulty here is that we indicated no certainty as to the link between a headache and the other aspects of the patient.
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